Quantum Board Grow Room


No problem bro but I just sent an email lol. Just happened that he responded right away.


I usually email them too and they are really good about answering questions. I’m just glad everyone on here has my back and was able to point that out.


@MAXHeadRoom it’s feed feed tea feed feed flush (with HH) they don’t ever get a water day. With Coco you will just be using more nutes unfortunately


No problem brother if you have any other nectar questions I got you and if
I don’t know I’ll ask Scott LoL


I’m using pure coco with Dyna-Gro’s schedule. Never water. always feed to waste, which means keep pouring it in until 30% of that amount comes out the bottom. If the plant is small and the coco is still wet, you can skip days (but not more than 1), but never use just water. Coco is basically just a sponge: All that’s ever in it is stuff you poured in last time, unless that has evaporated or been consumed.


FYI guys if your running nectar and you don’t have this size of Herculean get it…trust me or you will end up ordering mid grow sooner if in Coco… If you don’t run out you are using the line incorrectly. This should be the nute that finishes the fastest.


Luckily my hydro store carries NFTG if Amazon Prime doesn’t have it at that time. I did notice that bottle getting lighter than the rest lol


Is that just for one plant.


@MAXHeadRoom no I grow 6 plants most of the time but even if you were growing 1 plant if used correctly you would run out of a regular quart size mid grow probably…if not barely make it through one scraping the bottom of the bottle.


Thanks for the hood info.


ATF grew another inch last night! She took the defoliation and ran with it lol. I can see the branches are really preparing for the buds. Hopefully they will be fat and sticky.


Gonna give the auto her first seedling dose of nutrients according to NFTG at half strength since she’s an auto and I don’t have to feed her everyday yet. Every other day for now til she gets bigger and is drinking more


Seems that defoliation woke her up and she said why don’t I show him whose the boss.


Sure did! She’s trying to take over the entire tent lol.


I’ll post pic of mine as I’m still tucking my babies for the rest of this week and I will then let them rise


I think I found the problem possibly… I noticed 2 fungus gnats flying around!!! I immediately broke out the DE and sprinkled it all over the top of the coco for both plants. I read they can cause yellowing and abnormal growth. Hopefully I caught it in time. That would explain the problem we were trying to figure out yesterday, if that’s what it is, and I suspect so. If there were 2, there are more in the coco


Get em! @MattyBear


I’ll keep sprinkling DE until I don’t see them anymore. Little bastards lol.


Today just keeps getting better… while me and the wife were having our nightly session in the garage (where one of the tents is) right at lights out there was a crash inside the tent. The fan fell onto my girl and super cropped a branch for me. Not that bad, and more of a bend with some fiber separating. I put some honey on the wound and taped her up real quick. We will see how she is in the morning, but here she is tonight


i believe she will be ok @MattyBear
looks like you took good care of it!