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I just spoke with Scott it’s okay to feed every day even some feed full strength every day. Even okay to use bloom chaos everyday. Just increase your Herculean dosage and your good.


@Usmcjojo i’m about to use my sample pack of notg nutes…
i’m trying to soak everything your saying up…lol
but will probably need assistance too… lol


No problem I got you @BIGE


it is good to know people…lol

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Nice! So outside of having some solid first hand knowledge, you’re connected too? Good to know haha!


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Hey @MattyBear I hope you are enjoying those QB

I have a few questions on your grow because I was thinking about trying Coco on my next grow.

First- Coco is a hydro grow and should be PHed to 5.8. I was wonder why you have it at 6.2?

Second- I also purchased the NOTG sample pack and the salesman told me he did not recommend it for hydro grows. Did you hear something different?


Hydro meaning using a recirculation pump due to the nature of the nutes. But it’s okay for everything else. No nft


It will clog lines so no to hydro. Coco is soiless not hydro but feed on notg pH not a hydro pH.


OK That makes sense. I did tell him I was using aeroponics system and he didn’t reccomend it for that type of hydro because it will clog the lines.



So what is the optimal PH for soiless?


Optimal for coco is 5.5-6.5 with 5.8-6 usually being the sweet spot. I contacted NFTG and they told me to follow their ph schedule, even in coco, so that’s what I’ve been doing @MAXHeadRoom


Thanks for taking the time to call and check on that. You’re the man!


5.8 but with NFTG you feed at their pH not soil type. It’s calcium based not nitrogen based.


Well it must be working because the results look great. I think I will give it a go.

I can get get a bag of pre-mixed and cleaned coco and verilite at the grow store for $20. That should be able to fill 2- 5 gallon buckets. Is that a good deal?

I guess I should write down all these names so I will know who to tag if I have trouble,

Thanks everyone.


Sounds about right. I paid $27 for my bag of Mills coco


I was able to fill a 5 gal, two 3 gal pots and a bunch of solo cups worth lol


I like having the control in coco lol. I have used FFOF and Mills soil, but I didn’t have much control of feeding while they were in veg. What I feed them is what they get


I’m already use to that with my aeroponics systems.

But there seems to be varying opinions on the watering and feed schedule with coco. Is there a watering chart anywhere or is it just water everyday


Here’s my numbers from the runoff today after feeding 1/3 dose…
Ph in 6.22
Ph out 5.98 runoff ppm 1388