Quantum Board Grow Room


Ok, I’m probably gonna regret it, but screw it… gonna take a few clones from her. Figured why not? Lol. Pics to come…


Your plant won’t even notice they are gone. I don’t think we give them enough credit for the threshold of pain they can take and bounce. Do it do it


I’m scrolling through advanced schedule and comparing npk ratios on bottles, it’s a little confusing lol.

There’s definitely a jump in the Demeters destiny and Herculean harvest, which looks like your p and k. So I would definitely increase those. But I feel you’re getting borderline in nitrogen deficiency. If you’re ph is looking good, I’d look for a way to boost them a little and get some nitrogen in there. From what I can tell, half the bottles contain nitrogen. I’m not sure which one to use for best results.


So a few things. If feeding them 1/3 dose every day, maybe 2x a day if needed would be great because I don’t have to ph after! Comes right in at 6.22. I defoliated and stuck 4 clones in rioters after dipping in rooting powder. I still have to put each one in its own cup, then put in the other tent and cover them up.


The before picture showed up last lol


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Usmcjojo can you guys take a peek and those tops and maybe help provide some insight?


I’m pretty sure you are starving them. Mine showed the same thing at 10 days and was a mag deficiency. Do full strength and water less often.


@MattyBear how much bloom chaos, and Herculean are you giving them and how often


I don’t think that’s very feasible in a coco grow. Pretty sure they need watered regularly.

I think they’re just feeding a little heavier, enjoying all those extra photons.


Yes the lights make them very hungry. It’s insane how much mine are eating now, and @MattyBear was wanting to water 2x a day.


I’m pretty sure that it’s his ratio of bloom to Herculean he is probably feeding heavy on bloom by spraying and foliar. If you don’t bump up the Herculean to at least a 2:1 ratio of not 3:1 meaning you should be somewhere in the 2-6 tbl spoon range. Bloom chaos triggers the plant to need calcium in all forms but especially calcium phosphate. So if you don’t bump up the Herculean your plant will show signs of a deficiency. Because she is hungry due to the bloom chaos tricking the plant give it some more Herculean and you should be fine.


Have you ever had a problem with calcium build up yet? And what did you do to fix it if you did? It looks like just having regular tea days will prevent it? @Usmcjojo


Sounds good to me lol! Thanks for the speedy reply too! He’s got a beauty there and it looked like something that could be tackled before setting him back any.


Calcium doesn’t build up in the soil as long as you are feeding heavy on the Herculean. What happens with the Herculean is that over time this particular particle begins to bind with the ecxess nutrients like clay would in soil becoming to large to be taken in by palnt and washing out with the runoff. The problem is bone meal is thick so it builds up on the top off the soil kind of like a sludge but it’s harmless slf100 gets rid of that or breaking it up with your fingers works too. @Daddy


I stopped foliar feeding once I started flowering. They are taking about 2/3 gallon to get runoff everyday. Im in coco @Daddy so I have to feed everyday, some people water twice depending on the plant.
My thinking is 1/3 strength every day is like feeding full strength 2x per week total. Am I off on that thinking? Thanks for hopping in fellas. I just attributed it to how fast she’s growing lol.


Here’s the clones lol


They look good Matty how often do you feed bloom?


I’m reserved to likes by minute again, but ya they are just feeding a little more heavy most likely due to boost in light and regular waterings.

Sounds like @Usmcjojo will have you covered on the nutes, I think you’re in good hands. Trim job looks good too! Keep it up bro, she’s gonna be a winner!


To much/too often molasses builds up and gave me symptoms of cal. Def. Fyi. Flush with photo+,sl100 and herc. Harvest and it helped me fairy quick.


If you are using bloom chaos more than once a week it’s to much… If that’s the case then that coupled with your lights accounts for why your plants are so hungry.