Quantum Board Grow Room


Quick update. The AK47 auto is doing great after getting her head stuck in the dirt and me having to split the rooter to allow her to poke her head up lol. The cheese auto is doing it’s thing in the corner and I’m going to defoliate a little bit under the canopy today because I’ve been tucking this whole time and air flow is getting restricted getting through the dense leaves, even with a fan blowing directly into the lower canopy, and one oscillating over the tops!


Damn, look at them leaves stand up!

Is she looking a little hungry there on the tops, or are we looking at some flowers?


She started showing pistils after 4 days of 12/12! I’ve been feeding daily now at 1/4 strength (coco) early flower nutes. Gonna keep feeding her every day at a reduced amount. She has been growing like 1/2” every day. Around 15” from the top now.


Thats what I thought too.


Man you looking good and please take b4 and after pics of your defoliating on plant


Ool, but I will take pics. I’m only gonna do a light defoliation so I don’t stress her


Maybe I’ll bump the feeding and see what ppm’s I’m at


I don’t think you’ll stress her as she still growing in new leaves to replace the ones you remove. I go hard on my babies and I think I will do one last one on my babies in a week or two. I think it’s good as I did it to my wwa and they seems to blossom for me. So I’m not against you doing a few more than a light defoliation


Good to know! Thanks man


Notg right? Are you following schedule as per what bottles and just doing them at 1/4 strength daily?

If I had to guess without any info, I’d say she’s looking for some nitrogen. But that’s thumb eyeball method lol. I wouldn’t suggest a change without more info.


money well spent @MattyBear!
that gal is going to produce some big buds!


Yeah, NFTG at 1/4 strength daily. I had been thinking nitrogen too, but I’m following the Greek regiment with Tritons Trawl added. I was thinking maybe zinc… thinking of ordering the Persephone’s palate and adding that in too. I’m gonna bump the numbers to 1/3 dose and see what that does


Thanks E! I’m impressed so far for sure!


@MattyBear,i’m learning that running a bit lean on the nutrients is not such a bad thing during veg…
flowering is where i throw everything i have at them…lol


Well then here come the big guns! :muscle: lol. If 1/3 strength for a few days doesn’t do anything I’ll go 1/2


it won’t be long then :checkered_flag:


Refresh my memory on that schedule. Right now you are transitional, does the schedule adjust for a little extra pk?


Yeah it adds in tritons trawl and more Herculean harvest. I also add Aphrodite’s extraction


Not as muck on the k though. Maybe I could use more of the Medusa’s magic and gaia mania :thinking:


I’ll go take a look when I have a minute