Quantum Board Grow Room


She took it like a champ so far. Closest top is 16” from the light


I’m impressed with your setup and trying to get my lights returned to go that route. If not I’ll have to sell them on that e store site. But I’m trying to get those lights as the wifey says I can’t get them until I get my money for the MEIZHI’s back. But enough about my story keep doing a great job and I will be taking pointers.


@Onlythebest79 Thanks man! Hopefully you get that figured out soon! Are they unwilling to return them for you?


My first grow with the QB I had my light at 6 inches in preflower and had no noticeable stretch at all. My second grow I had them a little higher at 12 inches and got about a 6 inch stretch. Both at full power.


Five days past 30day mark and yes they are but I have to pay shipping to send them back. The seller kind of screwed me on a $50 shipping charge closed out a return request and now it’s like $120 to ship back. That’s almost the price of one of the lights itself.


Thanks for that info @MAXHeadRoom :+1:. I’m gonna see if they stretch up to the lights a little and I will probably run them around 12” here soon


Oh man that’s a bummer! 5 days past… they probably know you found better lights and don’t wanna take them back lol. I have a 300w Meizhi in my other tent and I’ve had no issues with it


Yea I have no issues with them at all but the bug for QB boards has bitten me hard. I want 4 of the 288’s centered in a 4x4 with added supplemental red and far reds. I can just imagine that setup being built and looking all professional like it came from a factory. Just the idea of me building my own top notch light is very satisfying and gratifying. So I’m gone live through you till I get my light situation figured out


My red and far red led kit should be here today before end of day. So hopefully I can get heatsinks cut in next day or two and install that on my light setup now


I can’t wait until you get that set up! That will be an awesome tent :+1:


Me too checking door every 30 mins


I know how you feel: I’ve got some 660 nm COBs coming from China but they sent me a “gift” (A cheesy little USB LED) which eBay sees as “item delivered”. They say the real things are on their way. I’m checking the mailbox every day… EBay needs to add an “Item not delivered” checkbox.


Ya, their way of being able to continue to say shipping is 7-10 days lol.


I decided to put the cheese auto in the tent just to see if she can take these lights this early. She’s at 3feet from the lights now and the big girl is at 16” from the lights


i believe your lights are already paying off @MattyBear


Thanks @BIGE! I think you’re right :+1:


My AK47 auto was having a tough time finding its way out of the rapid rooter. I could see the tap root so I gently split the plug a little so her head wouldn’t be stuck anymore lol


I’m jealous I’m jealous I’m jealous


:drooling_face:your plant is EXPLODING in new growth! @MattyBear I’m tagging myself in to watch the beautiful buds form. :call_me_hand:Hang tight brother!


Thanks @AmnesiaHaze you are more than welcome to follow along and ask questions/comments whenever!