Quantum Board Grow Room


For sure :+1:


I’s sorry, I was not specific enough when I said “reflectors”. Certainly aluminum reflectors around the COBs will do exactly what you said in terms of the inverse square law. But I was talking about making side walls out of flat white painted cardboard to shrink a tent that’s too big. Those are technically reflectors too. They just reflect the light that would normally go off towards the tent walls and end up on the ground, onto the plants instead. Light on the ground does no good. Those cardboard pieces can be tilted back so they admit all the light and in toward the pot or pots at the bottom to make the plant get the reflected light instead of the floor.

This is a way to defeat the inverse square law to some extent, and I have measured it in my grow chamber with a lux meter. Near the bottom of the plant I see more light coming in from all four side cardboard reflectors than is coming directly from the lights. Like 30000 direct and 4 x 10000 from all four side reflectors.


I see what you’re saying, but I don’t believe it’s necessary. You’re suggesting that a 3x3 is too big for light based on the thought that he should have 50 Watts pet square foot. He already has more light and a bigger source than a 400 watt hps bulb, that he’s also not going to be limited on heights from canopy temps. So I don’t feel it’s necessary.


I guess those QB LEDs are super efficient. Do we know their lumens/watt figure?

As for light height, the video claimed you should probably run them at 14" at least, which is exactly where I ran my 400 watt HPS bulb in my last inside grow. Never light burned my NL plant.


I’ll be tagging along @MattyBear
Love to see these lights in action.
I too will be seeking coverage for a 3x3 so this is right up my dirt road😎


I’m impressed and will be following along. Tag me if you can. Very nice setup.


They say the Samsung diodes get 180 lm/w at 50 watts. A Cree CXB3590 gets 160-170 lm/w at 50 watts.


@Nug-bug @Onlythebest79 thanks for following along! I will try to keep this updated and feel free to change to “watching” :+1: and all questions/comments are welcomed.


Already set


2.6 umol/joule is probably twice what the typical hps bulb puts out. The highest I’ve seen reported from a de gavita was 1.7 umol/joule.


After 5 days from flipping to 12/12, I spotted some pistils already. She’s definitely a she lol. Seeing sex on most shoots. Here’s the pic I snapped this morning


They are tiny but are there so congratulations she’s a girl :joy:


Exactly! They are tiny, but I didn’t see them all over yesterday! I always get excited when I start seeing pistils because then the real fun starts! :+1:


Yay!!! Only 9 weeks to go lol.


If I’m lucky! Lol.


i see some explosive growth in you future!! @MattyBear
looking great!


Thanks @BIGE! I am hoping for another little growth spurt lol. I slowly transitioned her to flower to try to minimize too much stretch, so we will see how big she gets!


Here’s how she’s looking as a whole


I germinated an AK47 auto too. She should poke her head out tonight or tomorrow. She’s in the 2x2 tent with the cheese auto now :+1:


Looking good bud! I don’t see anything that looks like an issue in pics, responding pretty well to the increase in light intensity?