Quantum Board Grow Room


The math is easy, you’d absolutely need 8 to get to 1000 watts. But even pounding on the qb’s they’re 10% more efficient. Running them 115 Watts or so per board I think it’s almost 15% more efficient. So same amount of light for 850 Watts.

Here’s the difference in les,

I believe the difference in coverage from 12 cobs to 6 qb’s will fall into favor of the qb’s. And when you consider lower intensity level per square inch, you could definitely run the boards closer without seeing those light damage issues. Which isn’t really a benefit, just juggling act between height and par levels. But it would certainly make up for the difference in that other 80-100 Watts. Having the “Watts” with the cobs isn’t really a big advantage when you have to either raise them or dim them correct?

That being said, I’m in no way suggesting you should get them lol. I think you’re pretty solid. The qb’s are just a more expensive, more efficient option.


she was past ready to transplant @MattyBear .lol she is glad you did that!


Yeah I agree. She should be good now. I was just being lazy lol


Here’s some trichome pictures off of a fan leaf I removed because it was blocking a bud.




Those are looking yummy.:hamburger: What week of flower are you in?


They are looking really good my man


Thanks fellas! Not bad for a fan leaf lol. @MAXHeadRoom I’m at 36 days of flower. I’m definitely impressed with the amount of sugar on this one! @dbrn32, glad I cloned her.


I always grabbed at least one from everything if I have room. Didn’t always keep them, but you never know.


SWEET! :yum:


Went ahead and took any leaf that was blocking a bud or couldn’t be tucked. These seem to be progressing fine for 39 days of flower. Little evening bud porn

And the whole gang


:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: I want some of that
And the neighbors are progressing well :heart_eyes:


Thanks bud. The autos are trying to take over :joy:


No kidding, they blew up!


Looking good brother. Filling that tent out nicely


It’s these lights this guy I know suggested I get, lol! The fan leaves on the autos are ginormous!


Thanks brother! I’m gonna have to adjust this tent. Gotta get the fan strapped to the side and get rid of the box, or go buy a few smaller clip on fans. This ones taking up too much precious real estate lol.


I love porn!
They all look great! Cant wait to flower mine!


@MattyBear those girls look gorgeous! Nice work! So…you know a guy who does lights eh lol. That will be my next journey if wifey allows.


Thanks man! I can’t wait to see yours in flower either!