Quantum Board Grow Room


I have been doing that along with the DE. I’ve used a 5lb bag of potatoes and they are gone now, so I didn’t have any luck with that method, personally.


Weekly Update: today marks 35 days (5 weeks) of flower for the ATF photoperiod. She is getting some color to her and is loaded with trichomes everywhere! Getting some purple hues coming through on the upper leaves and buds.

Enjoy the bud porn lol


Here are the autos (cheese and AK47), just trucking along nicely and they have some of the biggest fan leaves I’ve seen on an auto. I’m gonna have to rearrange the tent to get more room in there.


That’s quite a bit of vigor here lately from the autos!


I’m just :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:
I see a lot of dust in your grow space. I know it is not my business but you will have a lot of that in your buds so… Sorry :pray:
PS How old is the ak47 auto?


@M4ur That’s DE, not dust. Been fighting with fungus gnats. I have never had an issue with adults, but the larva are annoying. I wash my harvests every time too.
The AK47 auto sprouted Jan. 8


Cheese auto sprouted 12/30


Uhhh, my bad then, sorry!
So your ak47 is older than mine whit 2 weeks (I guess is the one in front - last picture?)


The cheese auto is front right of the photo. No worries about the confusion bro! I’m not very good at taking notes, so I rely on my updates so I remember things lol.


Yep… I’m old too :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Hey if you can tie down some of those branches in picture 2 you will have more shoots come up but they look great though


I’m only 34, lol! I’m just lazy about taking notes. Lol


I’m whit you @Onlythebest79… I love to train my auto’s, I also top/fimm mine many times but now I will let her alone (only LST)


I tried to last week and they had hardened off already. I’m hoping the more weight they put on, the more they will lean naturally and open things up… just what I’m “hoping” for tho lol.


:joy: I’m 32 but my memory is not so good in the last few years… I’m getting old :rofl:


Haha that too! :joy::joy:


If you are careful enough you will be able to bend it over… But gently and will take time… 1-2 inches every day… Just a thought :+1:


I’ll see what I can do! Thanks guys for the input. I just had my morning session, so I’ll wait a little while before I start pulling on her


Yep… Just let it go away (the buzz) then you can do this :joy:


What @M4ur said bent them 1-2”s a day and they will conform. I also top mine anywhere from day 14 to 21 or after I see the 5th node I have at it. I might wait till the 6th now just to get more main colas on my next grow.