Quantum Board Grow Room


that is a sack full of seeds!!


I just placed order for seeds 20hrs ago and just got message that they have been shipped today. Wow I like ilgm


What did you get?!



Gorilla glue#4 x 5
Bubba kush x 5
Gold leaf x 5


Nice! I’ll be watching all your grows (already do anyways)! What ones are you gonna run next to around?


I have an unknown that’s was born 1/22/18 and here she is

But honestly I’m thinking

mauie wowie
Girl Scout cookies
both fem in 5 gallon pots


one of each gorilla glue#4, bubba kush, and green crack auto


Sounds like a spectacular grow! I can’t wait to update my thread for week 5 on Friday. They smell like fruity candy right now. I just wanna stay in there all day! Lol


Hopefully this works…

Covered the top of all my pots with it. I hate bugs!!!


Yes I applied mine today also. I hope this works


I agree… I HATE :rage::imp::rage::imp: Mites… … .
I just did a top dress with DE Earth… …


I did theDE and the little babies didn’t go away. So at the advice of @Seeddog I ordered this stuff and hopefully this will take care of it


kill them all!!


@MattyBear @Onlythebest79

Are you guys both growing in Coco?


Soil for me ffof


I have 3 in coco and 2 in FFHF


Soil …ffof. Give it a couple of days and the number of bugs will diminish . You need the sticky fly tape also . In my case it is 95% effective .


So what is giving you the gnats. the soil? I had them in my aero grows, but that is because I had root rot. Do you guys have root rot?
@Onlythebest79 @MattyBear


I think mine came from some Miracle Grow soil we used on house plants . We transplanted a lemon tree and there were like 50 of them all over it . Gnats love fungus . When you over water your plants the fungus grows and they eat . They lay their larve in the soil and they attack the roots , especially smaller plants . The key to getting rid of them is to disrupt their life cycle . Like DE ,Gnat nix cuts and shreads the bodys of the adults as they emerge from hatching , or trying to enter to lay their eggs . I’m not sure about aero grows . They might have caused the root rot . There is a whole section on fungus gnats in ILGM plant care download . The only thing I hate more than Gnats is Black Flies in the summer .lol


They were in my rapid rooters. I had them out in the shed and that’s where they got them from. Doesn’t help that coco has to be watered way more frequently than soil either.


Did you guys @MattyBear @Onlythebest79 try the potato trick. Cut a potato in half and lay it on top of your soil/ coco. They will lay their eggs in the potato and when you see the larva moving around, then you throw the potato away. I heard it works. Give it a try if this plan fails