Quantum Board Grow Room


That’s another reason I “lollipopped”, was to get better airflow and to try to bring humidity down. Definitely helped do both of those things.


@Myfriendis410 also I made sure every leaf I removed was with in reason I put thought into every bit of it and also I was agreeing with mattybear he suggested I look at the defoliation of his thread and from what I can see you’re like saying I didn’t think through what I did or assuming I was careless with it??? Like I don’t get what you were trying to get at


No worries bro, they’re just making sure you were covered and not trying to discourage you. We all want to see you succeed! Tag me over to your journal and post some pics of what you did! If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask bro


No, I wasn’t implying a lack of care. Only making sure your plants don’t suffer from TOO MUCH care haha!


No no I know not to over do it especially being as though I have to bend and train everyday I’d say on average at most leaves I took of per plant was 4-5 leaves per plants @Myfriendis410


I see ilgm now has gg#4 seeds as well. Hmm…


I saw that too! ILGM is making it hard to keep the CC in the wallet! Lol.


For sure! If I see Cindy mine will be out.


I folded… . :thinking:
Had to get 5 GG and 5 GDP… … . I couldn’t control my CC… . :grin:., . Hmmm, wonder if CC company knows my ex-wife… … :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


You and me both brother!


I’m jealous! GDP is another one I was looking at. Great strain!


@MattyBear @dbrn32

Right now, I have more seeds then I have enough light for.

Current Grow
2 Banana Kush 3 seeds left
2 Bubble Gum 3 seeds left
2 AK-47 only one seed left, Ruined 2 with a rookie mistake. I let the paper towel dry out overnight and couldn’t revive them. So sad :cry: It got 2 Sour D seeds as well.
Then I got my BOM winning seed the other day so I had to pop one of those.
Then I want to try mainlining so I know the Gold Leaf can take a beating so I’m poping one of those. Still have 6 Gold leaf seeds left.

Need more lights thats all there is to it.


@MAXHeadRoom I know! Once you pop, you can’t stop! (At least I can’t, lol)


Hey all I have to do is put in credit card info and hit complete on order from ilgm. I want the gg#4, bubba kush, and gold leaf at 50% off. Yes they are making it hard but they are giving us what we want. Thanks ilgm for listening to your customers


I agree! Not complaining about having all this variety!


Just placed my order for the seeds above and I reached out to ilgm before ordering and they sent me a extra 10% off coupon to use on my order today also. Ilgm is really trying to make their customers happy again.


They have done a good job making me happy.


Here’s my seed list and it’s growing every time ilgm puts out new seeds. Didn’t realize this hobby was so addictive


Damn bro! Talk about variety! Definitely jealous lol


No need to be jealous. If they allow I’d send you a couple.