Quantum Board Grow Room


Happy Anniversary, @MattyBear! They’re looking good! :smiley:


Happy anniversary friend :+1:, keep the good work going :yum:


Thanks guys! I didn’t even realize it lol. What a great year it’s been hanging and learning with all you great people on here! Thanks to everyone! Much love


Looking really good,. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
Happy the Cheaters didn’t win.,.
Eagles played well… 1st SB win… :+1::+1:


That game was nuts! Fun to watch and I’m also glad the Pats didn’t win (I’m from the Seattle area) lol


Happy Anniversary @MattyBear I found this site in Jan 2017 but didn’t join until Mar 23, 2017 and didn’t start my first grow until May 2017. I can’t believe I’m one my third grow already.

Your grow is going very well. One of these days I may try growing Autos


I was around the same time as you. I didn’t join until February but had a few plants going before I joined the forum. Wish I would have joined the forum first lol.


Happy anniversary bud!


Thanks brother! I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without all your help. I appreciate you!


Well I appreciate the kind words haha. Working on trying to mock a qb out of those gen 2 eb strips. Could be a decent little project if it pans out.


Nice! Let me know how it goes


Will do. Probably be work in progress for a bit. Arrow didn’t have driver I wanted, and discount there was motivation for the project in first place. Was also looking at putting it on heatsink, but I’m not going to pay $5 per linear inch. So I may drop drive current to 500ma and try plate.


Happy Anniversary @MattyBear


Thanks @Rugar89!


@MattyBear I read and seen the defoliation and I think it looks like it makes a great positive difference so it’s something I’m gonna do


That’s fine but @MattyBear is clear on what he wants to do and gives much thought before removing leaf material. It’s not something you want to do often.


Yes @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 both have a point please make sure not to take to many and give plant plenty of time to regroup before doing again if you decide to do so. You can look at my forums I have and I’m pretty sure @MattyBear wouldn’t mind you looking at his either. I believe it will be beneficial to the plant and get light to areas where light is needed


Good points @Myfriendis410 and @Onlythebest79. We have to remember that opening up the canopy for light is only a portion of the reason you defoliate too. Keeping reasonable air flow throughout the canopy, and directing photosynthetic energy towards your tops also play into it. Your leaves still are the receptors for light, so it’s definitely important not to take more than is needed.


@Trippy_kidd there are some good tutorials on youtube and I will help you out when the time comes and if you have questions about it. @Onlythebest79 helped me out a lot. I wouldn’t do anything until 3 weeks from flip to flower, that way you will be able to read the plant and see what leaves should be taken. If you’re gonna Scrog. I’d clean up the bottom right before the flip, and then again at 3 weeks. Sorry if I don’t make sense. I’m not fully awake yet lol.


So from what I’ve done I believe I have done right it may be a bit soon but in my mind and the way science works the leaves I removed were completely unnecessary and were strictly blocking air and light to other parts of the plants and from what I can see it’s focused the growth strictly to the new branch growth