Quantum Board Grow Room


Naw, I just need cheaper electric company… :grin::grin:
Next year I’m going to look into Solar… might be able to save a few :dollar::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


:clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: This whole thread is great it makes me feel bignpotential even though we have a different medium and light style I’m using 1000w mh/hps in a 4x4 with Ffof but still :grinning: thank you for this


Thanks for the kind words @Trippy_kidd! We aren’t done yet so stay tuned!


Update: End of week 4 of flowering for the ATF photo. She’s loaded with trichomes already, all the way to the tip on some fan leaves. The AK47 is getting bigger and fighting for light. The Cheese auto is entering the stretch and pistils are forming along the main cola. She will be done stretching in 2-3 weeks and I’ll continue feeding late veg nutes on her through the stretch. Happy Friday everyone!

Here’s the cheese auto

Here’s the AK47 auto

And both autos next to each other


Looking great man @MattyBear You are killing it.

I just got my GSCE seeds today from winning the Dec. BOM. Should I pop one for my next grow???


@MAXHeadRoom Of course you should! Lol. It’s so hard, once you get the new seeds, to wait to pop them.


that ATF is going to get you HAF @MattyBear


@BIGE Hahaha I sure hope so E! I know the bag I got the seeds from was “top shelf” according to the dispensary (even though I found 11 seeds in one bud lol). All have been female so far and none have hermied, so that’s a plus!


OK one GSCE is in water. I may have to come over and use your light to grow it. :rofl:


Lol you are welcome in my home anytime my friend! I’d be growing more to help you out if I could!


Looking good bro, keep them pistils coming!


5 weeks (or so) to go! She should do some nice fattening in the next few weeks!


A couple observations about my plants at their respective state in their grow cycles. I tried squeezing a top bud and it is rock hard! Definitely the new lights paying off so far!
The autos are telling me they don’t like the full strength feeding, so I will cut back to half strength and see how they respond.


Looking Fantastic @MattyBear:+1::+1::+1:


Hey @MattyBear what’s is considered full strength? Is it whatever say I’m using foxfarm call for week 9 nutes all mixed in one gallon PHed and given to one plant?

If so maybe you can try and mix all nutes and ph after mixing and divide that between all the plants that are the same age and on the same week in nutes and then give them as much water thats needed for the rest of the week. Then you do the same for week seven and so on. That’s how I do and being that’s the way I do would that be considered giving them full strength nutes on my part?


I’m using full strength per Nectar for the Gods line. I still have a bunch of FF nutes that I’m not running at the moment. I’m also in coco with the plants in that tent. The other ones are in FFHF soil and will be for this run.


Looks like the girls are lovin the new light :ok_hand::sunglasses:
Know so far I like my Quantum light and the NFTG :+1::v:


Some nice growth happened in 2 days for the autos. I was gone all weekend and they took off. First pistils on the AK47 showed too! And I didn’t mind the Super Bowl outcome either :star_struck::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good to hear you’re getting good density, and continuing to look great. Nice work bro!


@MattyBear trust me I didn’t mind thy outcome in the Super Bowl either I was quite happy eagles earned that forsure