Quantum Board Grow Room


I wasn’t planning on getting more autos, but couldn’t say no to him since he went halves on my Blue Dream and Maui Wowie order. Had to return the favor and I’ve wanted to try WW for a while now!


How did you like the Blue Dream??
Next grow is going to be Blue Dream and either Afghan or Skywalker OG… :dash::dash::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


The WW was exceptional :+1::+1::+1:
Damn sure looking forward to my WWA… . bout 4 weeks


No arguments out me. My understanding is that they’re probably the best choice outdoors by you?

Ive been contemplating pulling the trigger on on blue haze, agent orange, lemon haze, and og fire. But I’ve been waiting to see if one of the domestic outlets is going to restock on brothers grimm. They have some very good looking crosses with sub cools vortex, princess and Cindy. Mosca has c99xc99 that is suppose to produce mostly pineapple phenos as well. I can’t really afford to drop $500 on stuff that I’d like to try, and then have some of those others come available. They’re kind of like qb kits lol. If you see them you better get them…


This is the first Blue Dream plant that I have going now, but I’ve smoked an awful lot of it! Looking forward to the WW too!


I hear you with finding certain strains. I got lucky with getting some good ATF bag seeds lol. Cindy and her pheno step children always get me super high and that’s not easy to do for me! I’m looking at Blue Haze, Fire OG and Skywalker OG next. That Agent Orange looks enticing too. So many choices lol


Ya no kidding! Cindy and her step children lol, she’s like a Ferrari. You wanna jump in and floor it, but you’ll likely end up in a telephone pole haha! I was really surprised that not many here have had the pleasure. I have a couple seeds, but they’re regs eek.

Atf is definitely another one you don’t see much. Hopefully she ends up being a solid pheno, that’s icing on the cake.


Found out yesterday that a friend got some Cindy cuts and he’s going to share… :+1::+1:
Never tried it, but heard great things about her…


I still have a few more of the ATF too. All 3 I’ve planted so far have been females. It’s nice being in a legal state so I can see what strains I like. I always get Cindy 99 or White 99 or Cindy’s Dream when it’s in stock. Always a solid smoke. Tangie and her offspring are always another favorite of mine


Jealous! You gonna run it?


You will not be disappointed if you get a good pheno! Keep cloning her if you do!


Ya, jealous of that too. We went to three different dispensaries in Vegas, nobody even had a crossbreed.


Yep, as soon as current grow is done (5 weeks)that Blue Dream.and Skywalker OG,…


Bummer!! Vegas with any weed is a good time lol. Happy they went legal and now when we go to Disneyland I can buy legally there now too! (Cali not Disney lmao)


Yep, if it’s as good as I’ve heard, :ear::ear:I might try doing a Mother, cause I haven’t seen Cindy beans here in several years… :worried:


That’s awesome! Good to have grow friends close by to hook you up and then repaying the hook ups!


I’m sure it’s personal taste and opinion, but they don’t even compare. They’re both solid, but like @MattyBear said even a decent pheno of Cindy will tear you up. They’re pretty easy to grow too, big yeilders for med size plant. Just have your humidity in check, nugs are usually pretty dense.


Hahaha… I can relate… Grew up in Bay Area-San Jose… Spent time North of San Diego and high desert


That’s what I’ve heard… I might have to get creative for space, but I’ll fit her in somewhere…
I got an extra light, but hurts light bill with more than 2 running…


Sounds like you need more light per watt. We can help that if you want, I know a guy :wink: