Quantum Board Grow Room


Thanks @nostril, you won’t de disappointed either way! And thanks for following along, you’re inputs and questions are always welcome!


Looking Great, You have far exceeded both my grows already. Great job.


I wouldn’t say that! You humble me bud. You’re plants look great! I think I’m seeing what you were seeing about the trichomes. From the naked eye they look longer and denser at this point in the grow than usual! All good things brother! Thanks for checking in bud. How are things? Will you have enough RSO? Hope so partner


Thanks for asking @MattyBear The good news is I have enough product to make the required 60grams of oil. And I did a 6oz batch and got 32grams of oil. So over 5 grams an oz which is very good from what I have been reading. Average is 3 to 4 grams an oz. I read where there is only 5 to 5.5 grams of canniboids in an oz so I’m almost at 100% yield if that is correct.

I have taken 13 grams so far and feel good most of the time. Cancer is like a rollacoaster you have your up and down days.

I have my 3rd grow going and will post a grow journal soon. Banana Kush, AK-47, and Bubble Gum.


@MAXHeadRoom That’s great you are able to extract almost 100%. Glad you have enough to get you going and with the next grow you’ll have even more hopefully. Make sure you tag me into your next grow,(I’m sure I’d see it either way)!


I would say on the defoliation I would do one right before switch to 12/12 and then again 3 weeks after and until harvest I’ll take them selectively. That’s just me but it’s your baby. But your girls are looking great.


I sure will tag you. @MattyBear I am using my clone fooger to generate a good root structure before going into the areoponic system. I am also going to do a 2 plant coco coir grow with NFTG sample pack I got. So a few new things this round. Also have Advanced PH perfect nutes for the aero grows

The Banana Kush is already way ahead of the others. I’m really excited about its potential

Happy Growing :sunglasses:.


Sounds like an exciting grow my friend. Ph perfect nutes are next on my list and I’ve been eyeing the banana Kush


Have you checked out the new strains they posted a few days ago. All I have to say is WOW! We definitely have some great choices now. To bad I already picked my seeds from winning BOM. (GSCE)



I did and I can’t look again lol. Blue Haze has me intrigued


Blue haze was the one I was eyeballing as well.


I was drooling over the Bubba Kush…:+1:


I just ordered bubble Kush from another seedbank and two days later ilgm puts out their version of it. Man I have to have patience


So just now I potted up my Maui Wowie and Blue Dream into their forever homes which consists of: 5gal fabric grow pots, Fox Farms Happy Frog, perlite, and dolomite lime.

Then it’s back under the blurple for them. I don’t think I’m gonna have room for another 5 gal pot so the clone might go in 3 gal


3 gallon fine as long as you don’t plan on vegging a long time. If you do, throw her in something a little smaller til you’re ready to flower.


I don’t plan to veg them too long. Gonna have to do some training to keep them going in the veg tent. Space will be the determining factor of when I put them in flower, but I think another 6-8 weeks. Should have 3 harvests spread a few weeks apart, hopefully starting with the ATF in 5 weeks or so, then the Cheese auto, then the AK47 auto. Every time I harvest I’m gonna take the biggest plant from the veg tent and stick her in the flower tent, then replace that one in veg with a new seed or clone!


My buddy just text me and asked if I wanted to go halves on 10 plus 10 free of the White Widow auto flowers… how could I say no?! Lol. Gonna get 10 beans for $55! Score, lol


Sounds like a solid plan! Good deal on the beans too!


Hahaha @MattyBear… Your looking good…, :upside_down_face:
My friend and I just got our 10+10 WW… :+1::+1::+1:


@Dragon269 Nice! These might be going outside this year. Well at least a few lol