Quantum Board Grow Room


What is temp measured at canopy? Mine were quite a bit different.


Little Sunday night update. Autos are growing great on 12/12. All got a tea feeding today with Mammoth P.
First up is AK47 auto

And next is Cheese auto

And some ATF bud porn


I bet they smell good and they are looking good.


Fruity smelling. I love the way the ATF smell


Looking like they’re coming along nicely!


Oh, I’m sure they are different. Have to measure them tomorrow. The LEDs throw off most of their heat towards the top because of the heat sink. The HPS bulb has no heat sink and a reflector pointing down. So that’s got to be a higher temperature. I keep my HPS at >14" so the plant top really feels no hotter than slightly warm on my hand, like full sunlight. I think you can use that same test with the 80 watt COBs and it’s about 5 inches.


I think that’s what most refer to when they make a generalized statement about the temps. Just because people like you and I are monitoring stuff like that, and incorporating it into our grows, the average person is hanging whatever they bought and not blinking an eye at it again.

If you have a single thermometer in your tent at canopy level and switch from hps to led it’s a noticeable difference in canopy temps pretty much immediately. You’re absolutely correct that the canopy temp doesn’t tell the whole story about the lighting heat. It’s just that most won’t even notice with proper exhaust placement and air exchange.


If anyone had any questions as to whether she would bounce back after being defoliated a week ago (myself included lol), take a gander!

And the younger autos. Saw first pistils on the Cheese yesterday. Only on top so I’m not starting counting yet, but I have her on late veg nutes (NFTG) now.


I’m having to tuck a few times a day again already! Lmao. Might as well see how she takes another trim at day 42, or might just selectively take them here and there, lol.


Holy tomoly :ok_hand::ok_hand: absolutely incredible !!! It amazes me to see that kind of growth…
I’m really liking the NFTG line too…looks like your doing everything right !!!


yea @MattyBear you have got things rolling your way!
those qb’s are doing there job for sure!


She’s solid! Just out of curiosity, do you rotate the pot any?


@BIGE @MattyBear

Sitting here waiting for my HLG-600 to get here. Out for delivery this morning.

Hoping my Choco will take off like your girls. @MattyBear They look great!


@Kcdaniels @BIGE these buds are getting noticeably fatter every day. Especially since yesterday! Only thing different was adding Mammoth P on tea days the past 2 cycles.


I rotate them usually every week or so. When they are young I rotate them more frequently. I must always have them the same way for pics lol


Thanks man! You’re gonna love your lights


I honestly hadn’t paid that much attention until the last pic. I was going to key in and try to watch some of the undergrowth.

It was at that point I remembered you have a lot more coverage at the sides than front and back. So it dawned on me to ask lol. Sounds like you have it covered.


I was really leaning towards cobs if I upgrade my indoor lighting setup… but this thread has me strongly reconsidering.

@MattyBear, looks awesome!


Once they develop a good root system, the growth potential is astounding. One day to the next, you can see it.


Can’t go wrong with cobs or qb’s in my opinion. Depending on area some work out a little better than the other in different circumstances.