Quantum Board Grow Room


Damn. I started off using HPS lighting. Probably because it cost me less to buy at the time. You guys with LED seem to have an advantage when it comes to lower temperatures.


Very nice! How long has it been there?

You see how leaved are perky and praying to the light? She’s happy! As long as you see that keep on boosting her up on the same frequency. You’re probably at about the point of getting into the dimmer. You don’t wanna get too low and shade the other plants in there. I think you’re doing awesome so far, keep that stuff up!


Man that light is working magic on your baby


These had minor surgery (removed shells with tweezers) but now they are up! Sorry for the blurple lights


Ya, what gives? Lol


They will veg in the 2x2 until the ATF is done flowering


We have my twins birthday tomorrow at our house :grimacing::grimacing:. Nobody is allowed in the garage lol, except my “family” I smoke with.


I’m just messing about the blurple dog.

Hopefully they enjoy the party and have/had a good birthday!


I know bro! No worries. Just setting up the house for the party now. Taking lots of smoke breaks and a glass of whiskey cuz it’s Friday lol.


Hmm. What kind of whiskey? I dabble


I’m usually a scotch guy and I love some McCallan and Oban. Tonight I’m just having some Pendeltons on the rocks.


Nice! I’m Balvenie guy myself, but I don’t discriminate.


Honestly, I don’t drink very much. Not usually enough to get drunk, but I like a good buzz while I smoke every now and then.


Ooh another one of my faves. Lol. Yeah I said faves, haha. Glenmorangie port cask is my go to dessert scotch too


Hahaha, can I follow that up with like totally!?

Seriously though, same here but the opposite. I’m rarely incapacitated either way. I’ll have a few beers here and there, or enjoy a nice cigar with a couple glasses of scotch. The boss is another story, her family hits it hard on the regs. They get the better of me here and there.


Haha it’s always good to give in once in a while, especially with the in laws! Good times


You know it. They’re solid people, well except for the one I got haha. She’s batshit crazy, in the best way possible usually.


Haha mine as well. Good on ya buddy


Not really. I have a flower chamber running with a 400 watt HPS bulb and a veg chamber with 400 real watts of LED COBs turned on. Both have good fans pulling the heat out and I use it to heat my house, so their ducts just dump the exhaust out into the room. About the same airflow and about the same temperature! Watts are watts. LEDs just spread the heat out better because of the big heat sink. They don’t make the heat disappear.


@1BigFella, I guess it comes down to plain old physics. Creating energy produces heat and it’s got to go somewhere.