Quantum Board Grow Room


Nice job! Healthy and happy :blush:


I see you showing out and your girls responded well to the defoliation and bounced back glowing


awesome @MattyBear grow toward the light! lol


They really did, and all the buds are about the same size throughout! I’m a believer in defoliating!!! Thanks for converting me @Onlythebest79 lmao. You’re the man!


Are you going to SROG these


@MAXHeadRoom I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. Depends on how big they get in the veg tent and how many clones I keep.


Hey I glad I can help you. I did a lot of reading on it and there’s this one site called grow weed easy dot com and a couple others but this one really sticks out with the side by side comparison. I will always do it as it might stress the plant a little but in the end the plant redirects the energy it was sending to those leafs to new and previous bud sites. So it does some harm but way more good in my opinion to them. But great job and 2 thumbs up


Question… is there really that much bud swell after 3 days, or is the camera angle or whatever making appear to be more from last pics?


They get a little more “plump” every day! Should be pretty frosty when they’re done too!!!


I thought so.


OMG I just saw all the new strains!!! I’m so screwed lol


Again? Suppose I’m off to the seed page


I don’t know, haven’t checked in a week. Maybe I was late to the party?


@dbrn32 @MattyBear

These new ones just got put up yesterday or today as I looked yesterday for new seeds on there and didn’t see the bubba kush. I’m mad a little as I just ordered bubble kush from another seed bank dang it I should’ve held out a little longer. I might still order them


Nope they’re new


Lowered the cheese so she can stretch a little. Feel like she was getting lazy lol. Here’s how it looks.


Current distance to the big girl and dimming setting?


@MattyBear, what are you using for lights again? Sorry if you have mentioned that already? The heat in my room dictates the height of my lights until I get an A/C.


12” from the top cola at like 75%.


I have 2 Quantum Boards in this tent @Flyr. I can dim and have them around 12” now. I might even be able to lower them some more.