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What a pitifully disgraceful way to manipulate the system for monetary gain. Sick bastards enforcing their twisted ways


It was the officers lack of compassion that scared me most about this video. If they found something they weren’t going to arrest him they say, so it was solely a monetary thing searching to give a ticket. Sadly this is my state.


Interesting read.
Its sad that, so many people are blind to what our meds really are and how powerful and helpful they are for people.

People just believe what they are told, never research or look into anything.

About the read, I do have to comment on the part where the paitient makes a comment to the officer. ""Quote “have you never say you’d do anything to save your life?” Mr Sousley asks him. “”

When a person has never had to walk though hell, they can tend to be blind and have no compansion, leaving them in the place to judge.
How can one judge who can not see or understand?

But you let that person get in a bind, or you let the horrow of PTSD, or sever depression, or a break down, or sick with unbearable pain or disease, and guess what, now you are seeing things a little bit different, not so blind anymore now that your face the hardness. What will you do to servive? What will you take it? How far will you go? Will you kill to servive? Will yiu do what you have to do to make it?

SURE U WILL, just like everybody else.

If one will humble yourself and seek to see and understand that, everyone out there is just trying to servive the best way they can!
And if a plant can help, who are you to judge.

Most does not have a clue, what is really going on, but us growers, we see, we undertand, so we help others to obtain the skills to take care of themselves.

Dang, that artucal hit a nerve. Sorry to bust up the convo .


Two words "Big Pharma"


I guess to be fair, we cant judge them, they are just ignorant of thr fact.

It is our job to make the awarness everywhere, and every way that we can.

We need to promote every postive data out there to every person we meet regardless of their statis in life.

This is what will change the view of the people, one wintess at a time!

My family who is ANTI weed, old fashion church going people who believe weed was of the devil and had no good thing in it.
After they watched what i went through with my physical and mental health. Then watching me kick morphine and 11 other bug pharma meds, while the whole time they where saying, no way you csn kick them, and the doc said i would have to spend a min if six months in rehab, They all said i couldnt do it. Then when they seen the change in me, they watched .e kick all that stuff with weed as my help, well, now they see things a little different and they have changed their understanding and now they are convensed that the plant has huge amounts of medical peoperties to it.


Darn right, my wife has been to circles of care a lot for mental condition, smoking weed for two years and never went back for two years. There’s my proof. :sunglasses:





Bam! Thats what i am talking about!


The Medical Cannabis Guidebook: The Definitive Guide To Using and Growing Medicinal Marijuana


While I appreciate all of you, let’s move the chatter to a different thread or else this one will get way off topic as a grow journal. Thanks folks :v::bear:


Damn you Matty I was all ready to come in hot! Ones off dry…


I’ll allow you the last word @Bogleg :wink:


is there a reason that you didnt scrog?


I don’t Scrog all or even most of my plants. I have a perpetual grow going and filling out a Scrog net takes some time and I like quick turnarounds. I’ll be running SOG style grows soon to see if I like that better, which I suspect I will :v::bear:


My sog size plant has the most beautiful shape size smell nuggets of all my plants 15 day veg after rooting into flower I’ll post a pic later …absolutely gorgeous… the time is greatly reduced and I would rather have 30 of those plants with that type of nuggetry over 4 scrogs


plus if you get a problem with 1 out of 30 not a big loss …also slot les foliage to deal with almost need no training since there is no canopy to penetrate …that’s what I know is gonna be ticket for me thats easy 3 crops a year but it does require a mother or 2 to sustain perpetual… then flower thr mother every third round for that secondary backup heavy weight bonus to top them jars off and off to the next strain


That’s my thinking as well. I can use a trellis net to open them up a bit if needed, but I’m thinking the SOG will be pretty sweet :wink:


I got the pics of the 2 week veg bad ass

and this is same strain with 6 weeks veg flowered same time damit I hate when pic wont fit… any