Quantum Board Grow Room


Just hoping they don’t test my PPM’s or PH…all good :grin::v:


“that looks like another fine mess you’ve gotten me into Ollie” is all i can say. wonder how many will catch the quote? lol great looking girls in there Matty!


Liking that SLH, she’s looking pretty!
Alien fruit cake is a beast!
Your gelato looks like it’s expressing both indica and sativa pretty equally.


Did some pruning tonight. Canopy on the Gelato was just crazy dense…still is, but better :wink:


They will be getting their PK boost next feeding which will be another day or two :v::bear:


Congrats @MattyBear she looks amazing​:v::sunglasses:


I had always been honest with my doc. Told him I used daily, everyday. After my divorce, I told him I had anxiety and trouble sleeping. Before he would Rx anything, he wanted me to do some tests.


The clinical relevance of thc levels has not been determined/well established. Ask him for the published articles he is basing his concern on… my guess is he has none


It was 15yrs ago. I have all the meds I need now all jarred up and stashed away!! It was a ridiculous response but I was quite proud of the fact i crashed the test. lol


Imho medicine doesnt know wtf they r talking about. They are constantly backpedaling, recalling, and making new discoveries, meaning they relatively dont know anything at all!! Its an industry of arrogance


@Screwauger You must have really freaked them out since they couldn’t even spell contacting correctly in the letter. :woozy_face:


OMG, go figure. Time to find a new doctor, this one does not listen to you, neither does he have a clue how to help someone. !@

BAM!~ I said it…

UGH! I hate when they don’t care abut people enough to even have a thought process on the behalf of the person they are treating.


That’s because “they” want to keep things measured so they can control by prescription. It’s going from "marijuana is bad for you" to “cannabis needs to be controlled for your safety” … I dont know about all of you but being told by another human what is right or wrong for me is absolutley absurd. I walk alone on this earth!!


He was old then, retired now.
My GF at that time went in before me, complained about anxiety and he wrote her an rx. I go in and soften it a bit, not quite as stressed as her and he piss tests me. That was then. I was dating and recently divorced and doing child visitation and was a mess. I’m still a mess but not like that so I no longer need any pharmaceutical supports such as a sleeping agent.

I was certainly shocked that in Maine of all places, where weed had been decriminalized for decades and MMJ was a thing, that he drew back all support unless I committed to stopping pot. There.Was.No.Way. LMAO @kw_Bat




I saw this just last night, unreal.

We were watching that police live show and in nearly every case in every city, if they did not have pot to hassle the people for, they would have no TV show and nothing for the cops to do. Texas needs to chill the F out with being the pot police OMG


I dont understand the persons behind the uniforms they wear. They honestly cant think they are serving justice raiding a guy that is on his death bed. It’s just baffling to the mind. “Just doing my job” they say! The controlled doing their best to control.

If you are controlled, you will be controlling!

That’s the global sickness! Let’s hear psychologists talk about that!


Granted they go about their jobs with great enthusiasm but they are puppets. It’s the Governor and law makers that seem to want their prisons and court systems churning out pot offenders so the officers are told to go at it hard. If they told them to go at any other thing hard, they would because in the outcomes based world, their stats better reflect what the superiors want to see. Just my opinion however.


If the prisons were not privatised, they would be changing a whole lot of legislative doctrines surrounding cannabis.


I’m from Northern NY. Where 30 years ago, politicians made an agreement to buy up rural land, build medium and maximum security prisons for NYC inmates. I left the state because all of the factories were closing and the only jobs available were in the prisons. It’s sure a racket. Our interstate became clogged with buses bringing families to NNY from NYC (a 7 hour car ride) for visitation. The tax payer footing the bills. Still going on today.