Quantum Board Grow Room


Then the whole flower room

Front left- chronic widow
Middle and back left- ultra white amnesia
Front right-black widow
Middle right- big bud xxl
Back right- gold leaf


Just wanted to flex a little. Lol


Looking good man! :+1::v::bear:


Beautiful phat widows there @Budtastic ! You’ll really need those Abominable Snowman pants for this harvest also :grin: :wink:


Thanks bro, just trying to get pro status like you.
@Missiles I cant wear those in harvest anymore. I could probably smoke them with all the resin and leaf that sticks to them.


It’s already been gotten.


Awesome. What size gallon pots are those?


Most asked question in this topic haha!


5 gallon



Now that clearly qualifies as yet another neener neener neener neener moment. Ya’ll are rocking it. So much to learn…where’s my drink :wink:


@Myfriendis410 Happy 2 year Anny Alan!!! I appreciate everything you do :+1::v::bear:


Well that’s ONE haha! Thanks, Matt; love all of you stoners.


Happy anniversary @Myfriendis410


I’m getting into the last of my Sour Diesel this morning. Forgot I even had any left! Score!!! Haha. Tastes and smells amazing still :wink:


Happy anniversary @Myfriendis410!


Mine is getting a bit oxidized now; it tastes like it’s been in the jar for a few months (which it has! haha). I’m glad you enjoyed it and I have more seeds any time.


Day 28 from flip to 12/12…

Alien Fruitcake…

Super Lemon Haze…

Pineapple Chunk…


The Gang together…


Man, the fan leaves on that gelato are big


@MattyBear your girls looks most excellent brother! Can’t wait to compare notes on the gelato when done. Was gonna do another neener neener neener from you but got that from my first visit to the new doc today.

Went something like this:
Q:How much do you drink?
A: A lot

Q: Do you smoke cigarettes and if so how much?
A: A lot

Q: Do you do any other drugs like marijuana and if so, how much?
A: Yes…a lot

Sure hope my crop gets done before I go back in a couple weeks :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Lmao, I’m gonna try that next time I go