Quantum Board Grow Room


Finished the Raspberry Kush. One of the worst plants bud structure wise that I’ve grown in a while, but it smells awesome and is sticky and has some pretty colors.

All four plants…

Have a great weekend all :v::bear:


Can’t win them all I guess


Must smell like a black market flower shop up in there.


I’m dropping the other seed next round. That one has to do better :wink:


Just letting you know I’m agitated with you buddy!


Uh oh… what did I do?!


Is that a spare mattress? Clear it off, I’m gonna crash there for a while!


Not you. Those damn seeds


Yea maaaannnn you and all your great growing and stuff …maaaaannn lol I’m stoned fire og is good grow some of that that’s what I’m smoking right now


She does have beautiful coloring to her Matt. I love that deep almost purple color she has. And she does look sticky AF. I’m surprised your glove didn’t stick to her. Her buds might not have formed well but she looks like she would get you high AF! Beautiful job Matt :grin:


@MattyBear NICE HARVEST BRO!!! Is that custom drying rack V1 or V2? :sunglasses::sunglasses:


@elheffe702 the spare mattress has your name on it :wink:
@dbrn32 lmao. I’m agitated at that seed too!
@fano_man I’ve grown Fire OG. Everyone loved it so much that I only got about a 1/4 zip to smoke for myself.
@missiles thanks and next time, they will be better. I am sure of it haha
@dagoose it’s V 1.3 drying rack haha.
For some reason my tags aren’t working and people’s names aren’t popping up… hmm. Thank you to everyone for stopping by and showing some love :fist:

Here’s the other flower tent that should be done in 6 weeks or so

My PH meters calibration button quit working and I emailed them and never got a response. It’s been 2 weeks. So I’ve been using my unreliable backup meter until I can get a new one. Bummer, but we move on. :v::bear:


owie owie on meter, good looking start you got going on those ladies.


I keep Standard Reference Solution 7.0 handy so even if the meter drifts I can figure the difference. Not that my Apera drifts. But it can validate your settings easily.


It drifted all the way over 8 even in the ph7 solution. Looks like I’m gonna have to buy a new one. Disappointing because it worked for 7 months, which is one month longer than the manufacturer warranty. I probably just got a dud meter, but I wasn’t happy that they never responded.


@MattyBear Was that a neener neener neener response bro?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’d hit them on Amazon review. Companies seem to be pretty good about responding there.


Never! Neener neener haha. :sunglasses::v:


Did that after a week of them not responding. Haven’t heard a word…


Just friggin love the pic with the view from below!