Quantum Board Grow Room


Here’s some more info for everyone…




@MattyBear thanks for the post, a good read.


Killer Queen in the bong and Black Dog in the blunt :sunglasses::drooling_face::fire::dash:


Nice Blunt Matt :sunglasses: I can’t roll one to save my life :laughing:


And one of the reasons to use a “regular” strain rather than feminized; particularly if you are wanting to spew clones from a mother for a year or two (like Linda Blair and the pea soup haha–yes I’m high!) as a true female would be far less prone to hermaphroditism than a heavily manipulated feninized plant would.


Thanks! I prefer blunts to joints because they burn slower and I can roll them better haha. I can roll a joint, but it never comes out as good for me.


After I harvest a couple more plants I’ll just keep trying till I get it right :wink: one day I’ll post a blunt for you that I can be proud of LOL


Sad to say I’ve never had one. I can’t imagine how the tobacco affects the taste of the weed. It just does not sound good to me. I just can’t get past the cigar and weed combination. Don’t get me wrong I like both my cigars and weed. Just separate.


You can almost get any flavor of wrap you want these days. They don’t all taste like tobacco :grin:


You empty the tabacoo and just use the paper. To roll a blunt.


I buy tobacco free blunts. They are empty wraps and come in a bunch of flavors like @Missiles said.


They make hemp wraps blunt papers now too just an FYI haha :v::bear:


The blunt in the picture is a Blueberry flavored wrap with Black Dog inside, which tastes like blackberries. This is my current favorite combo haha


i might try the hemp wraps, don’t like the blunts. am mostly a zig zag man, wish i would have bought stock 50 years ago lol. but my favorite paper is a Club modiano which is a glueless rice paper. when you burn the paper alone it leaves a 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch ash. lot less junk going into lungs and lot less effect on flavor of pot than zigs.


Here’s the wrapper…


cool, thanks Matty, will keep a look out. are u in the states? not sure i’ve seen “royal blunts” around here.


Yeah I live in the Pacific Northwest. PNW!!! I’m in a suburb of Seattle :v::bear:


cool, i love it out there. all the green from all that rain. time for a candy kush joint… i am having a hard time sticking to my plan of super skunk next… that mixed bag of baked sweets is calling my name lol i will stick with plan, but i love all three in that group.


Havent Berg anyone me too. Clubs in a while my dad smokes them gotta tear a lil strip to make fibers to hold the roll those are for expert rolling… I gauruntee I got anyone havmnds down in rolling skills us think I was part Mexican way I roll (burritoss) lol naw I call my self the Dutch master


Oh I see, yes, I am not going 8 weeks for veg anymore, I am going to go six with alot of training too. But for some reason I started out with the 7 gal pots and have them so going to use them, just more media to grow bigger in. Trying something different other than fox farms to see if taste and smoothness is better with organics. It’s funny all the root organic stuff is cheaper at the grow shop than on amazon.