Quantum Board Grow Room


hey @MattyBear how many 3 gallon fabric pots can you grow in a 4x4 tent comfortably. i am putting 4 plants in 5 gallon in mine but might go with the idea of more and smaller plants because of my 6f height limit.


I’d think you could run 6 plants in 3 gal pots in a 4x4 tent pretty easily as long as you don’t veg too long and train them to fit your space @monkman


I have 6 currently in 5 gallon pots. It’ll be a jungle in there soon I’m sure of it. :wink:


lol yea @Covertgrower, i want no part of 6 five gallon pots in a 4x4, i am wayyyy too clumsy.


You could definitely get away with more plants in that space, but for a relatively new grower, that’s what I would recommend to start with :wink::v::bear:


@MattyBear absolutely Matty, glad you kept that in mind, but i will always be that person because i keep in mind my clumsiness in all things, i am not allowed to play with powered tools, i can do enough damage with hand powered. when i get a couple grows in i will go with the 6 smaller pots so i can get more variety going. I saw the height in your pictures of flowering plants and it gave me the idea that i don’t have to get 4 or 5 oz per plant dry. if i get one or two oz dry it would be fine with 6 plants and a wider variety. thanks a bunch for the heads up.


You must grow autos and there is no need for bigger pots. I am going to try roots organic this go around and see if anything is different. Your girls aways look good.


Nope… I personally don’t like autos. I just know how to train my plants and make them fit the space I want… not the other way around haha. I also don’t try to veg them for 2 months before flipping. 4-6 weeks is it and then into flower :v:


I always thought the only limit to how many plants can fit a space is how many pots I can cram together in it. Smaller pots = more plants. It is dependent on how big each plant gets, seed vs clone. I am doing 14 monster cropped clones in 3x31/2 ft. Straight to flower after rooted, grows mostly single bud plants. Hopefully get 14 fatty buds by overloading area with four 288v2s.


Mind blown lol.


@bryan yep, 30 years ago the “big” thing was small pots single bud out of them and it was called sea of green back then. the thing that @Covertgrower has to watch when he puts 6 big plants into a 4x4 area is that they don’t get too crowded and cause hermaphrodite plants to happen due to stress. not a recommended path for new growers as you have to be on your game to catch stuff like that from hurting your crop. seeing the scrog in the pictures on forums made me somewhat anxious as i look at it and it just looks like confusion to me. that is why Matty’s month to one and half of veg sounds like a real good idea especially for a newb like me. it might even justify keeping my last seedling alive instead of dumping the smallest weakest.


I started 30 clones and kept 8, then did it again. Dump the weak, only grow the best


I’m not sure where I’ll get hermaphrodites from, veg time and space has nothing to do with hermaphroditism. Hermaphroditism is usually genetic, and only occasionally environmental conditions apply. Usually when you have a light leak, or a light error. (Lights on or off briefly at the wrong time)
Other than that, I’m not worried about it. @monkman


I might be wrong, and i was not saying that you will suffer from hermes happening to you @Covertgrower. i consider you one of the gang on here who knows what they are doing. i would not try to copy how you do things as i don’t think i am at that point in my skill set yet. i agree with you about veg time having nothing to do with hermes, but disagree with you about how herme’s happen. yes it can be a genetic thing, but it can also be caused by anything that causes stress on the plant. yes some stress is helpful to plants, especially at the end game in helping to liven up the buds, but crowding, is but one of a bunch of possible causes for a plant to turn herme from what i understand.


drilling a hole in the plant’s main stem with a week left in flowering is an example of stressing the plant on purpose to me.


I’m doing 8 in a 4x4 right now… next run will be 16 from clone to flower in the same space… then after that I am going to try going to one gallon pots and see if I can get up to 25 plants from clone to flower. I need to learn how to manage that many plants at once so I am working my way up to it. :smiley:

Based on my current grow (which is from seed) - at least with seedlings it looks like a two or three difference between putting them in the tray from the cloner makes a huge difference.


two or three day difference


In my (limited) personal growing experience… I have never had one “hermie” on me. I found one seed in one of my six plants in my very first grow. I’ve had this mess (first grow):

That one produced one under-developed seed.

And I’ve had this mess (last grow):

And no real issues.

My personal opinion is that environment is the chief culprit - specifically heat. I beat the shit out of my plants and don’t have these issues (knock on wood):


I disagree. Their plants not chickens. As long as they all get enough light, nutrients and water they’ll grow just fine. They have no regards to their neighbor. @monkman


Oh jeez, that is funny!

I agree with you, and I think @Bogleg has great examples.

The one respect I would say they take offense to crowding may be vertical growth. But that can work into grows as much or even more so than against them, if planned accordingly.

There seems to be a lot of closed minded thinking here. You don’t need a big tent to grow multiple plants, and you don’t need a big pot to grow a healthy plant. Different growers will always have methods that are more their speed. I think hermaphrodite is a stretch to discount growing how you do for sure.