Quantum Board Grow Room


@Kroncaddycustoms here’s the thread. I just posted pics if you wanna scroll up :v::bear:


Looks great buddy i will continue to follow along!


The ladies are looking lovely! I honestly want to motorboat all of your ladies! :joy::rofl::crazy_face::star_struck:


Remind me… are all the girls the same age?


No… the Gelato vegged for 2-3 weeks longer and is in a larger pot. :v:


Looking good my friend. I see you the leaves on my ASC look a lot like your AFC. I am looking forward to how the gelato grows. If she is a tall lady or not :grin:


I can’t wait for you guys to harvest those ASCs! I haven’t even germinated one yet. I am going to put one (or more) outside and see how she goes. Depending on how my veg tent shapes up when I get everything underway with what I have going on now, I might drop one for a mom so I can test it myself sometime this year.


ASC and Dejah will both take a turn next time I drop seeds :wink:


Day 71 of flower. Gave them their last drink a couple days ago and will be harvesting once the pots are dried out. Blue Cheese, Blue Mystic and Cindy 99 got pollinated late by a Cindy Haze male and I will have some new strains to test :wink:



great job Matty


Indeed! Awesome. :+1:


I was going to ask about the males you took out now I know. Anything planned for the bubblegum next round?


I have grand plans in my head haha. In reality, I usually fly by the seat of my pants. I try to be like water when it comes to growing. Hah @TDubWilly :wink: My plan is to harvest the Bubblegum pollen and store it in my freezer. I’m waiting to see if my Tsi Fly is male or female and that will determine what I do next. I will definitely breed Bubblegum at some point tho. :v::+1:


They look superb ! They look fantastic ! They look amazing ! They look supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ! … I run out of words trying to describe your grows . :sunglasses:


I can never figure out how the heck your tent is only a 3x3. I have an extra 17 square feet and yet mine looks jammed full most of the time and I don’t think my extra square footage yields any more than yours. I think I need to come out and visit you for a month or so to learn your secrets.


Looking good as usual, nice work dude!


They are beautiful!


Very nice dude. You are like a machine when it comes to growing. :grin: Always beautiful plant growing.


Very nice, hey what is the media you are using, and are those 5 or 7 gallon pots?


@zparkie2 I grow in Promix and those are all in 3 gal fabric pots :wink::v::bear: