Quantum Board Grow Room


They’re some late cut monster cropped clones I had to put straight into flower after they rooted, no veg time Ages are 1,3,&4 weeks.


@bryan Sweet! BAM


Spread out the plants to fill up the tent now that the Bubblegum is gone…


:raised_hands: Stretch!


Hey im sold on 3x 3 cant hold more then 4 medium size plants comfortably after this run …i can conform see :wink: i only got 6 in 4 x 5


Gotcha i had a feeling it was an attempt to not waste ANYTHING lol


You’re not watching close enough. He’s had more in there, the medium sized may be stretch.


In 2 weeks of flower aint gonna be no room for another plant the way this dude grows lol … of course you can fit more but i dare not cram ever again all im saying in other words broski after botrytis and greed strike


There would be room if he wanted there to be room is all I’m saying.


And the red sea parted… and it was good


Do you shop at costco? I got the same plastic bins on sale at costco $6.99!! And they are really well made


Yeah, it really isn’t nearly as expensive for a simple rdwc as you might think.


And 2 days later haha. Tomorrow will be 14 days since flipping to 12/12. Pretty sure most of the stretch is over now. Thanks for looking fam :v::bear:


Pineapple Chunk…

Alien Fruitcake…

Super Lemon Haze…

Gang Gang


Hey Otto!!! How are you bud!?


nice plants matty, going strong i see.


Thanks Monk. I’m about to harvest the ladies in the other tent. I’ll give them until the weekend probably.


great job Matty, can’t wait for the pics. watched a vid post by slowoldguy pertaining to growing better “great” buds. learnd a lot of stuff and gave me idea i need 5 or 10 year plan to accomplish what i want, but reason i mentioned it here is this guy said 3 months curing… take is slow taking out moisture for best taste and smell. hard when you’ve waited so long for the product lol


They all look awesome Matt. Boy those two in the back did stretch didn’t they :wink: Beautiful looking tent!


Definitely the longer the cure, the better. However, if the ripening of your plants is done correctly and trimmed and dried optimally, you can start smoking them sooner than that. I usually dig in for a sample 10-14 days after curing and I always have white ash and a decent taste by then. It just keeps getting better from there. You’ll see when you get to that point. No experience like your own experience :wink::v::bear:


Thanks Sis! I’m always excited to see buds forming, especially if I’ve never grown that strain before :wink: