Quantum Board Grow Room


DaGoose how do you like the Light? the QB 260 XL V2 is the light I have settled on, should arrive in a few days…

Thanks for your input!


I know this feeling. One day I even felt like sitting in my grow tent with my plants. :wink:


Hi @kw_Bat

I love the light. The XL fits my bathtub space perfectly with a 2’ x 4’ suggested flower footprint. Please know this is my first indoor grow after 2 outdoor seasons, so I’m a total noob. I’m still trying to learn about the proper height and light intensity (and other environmental stuff). A kill a watt meter is highly recommended so you can measure this as you adjust it. I currently have it at 240 watts and about 2 feet above the main colas. The meter shows it will go to 280 or so watts so trying to increase it maybe 10 watts every 2-3 days until maxed out. Watching the tips closely so I don’t overdo it (I’m good like that lol). HUGE THANKS to @dbrn32 for his sage advice, and all the other good folks here who have helped me tremendously!!!


Do i add a dimming function to this set up to enable a veg/flower out if same set of lights?


Other thing I’m wondering about is my current light setup. I have a t5 with 2 54w globes running overhead at the moment. Then once bigger will be using them plus 2 banks of 3 globes that are 36watt a globe running at side’s of tent. T5 are 3ft and same with fluoros.@dbrn


I don’t know much about flouros, T5s or globes.

QB board drivers can have a dimming function. It’s stated in the driver specs. For example I have a HLG-240H-c1750a driver, the “al means potentiometer


Man once you got the right light and your seasoned out doors … last thing you gotta worry about is light height… your plants will tell you if its to close :wink::wink:


Potentiamere meaning adjustable output?


Correct. You can look at it like the “a” at the end is for adjustable


Meanwell driver ending in A has built in dimming pot. Meanwell driver ending in B has remote dimming leads. Both are capable of dimming, B needs an external device. 100k potentiometer will do.


Yea i thought the bs were dimmable onboard


Oky doky. Did you see the post regarding my lights asking what output I’ve got going on?


I don’t think so.

Edit, I scrolled up and found it. You missed 32 at end so didn’t come through as tag, sorry

I’m not really sure what the question is there?


Whoops. Sorry bout that. The question is with the specified bulb wattage I’ve explained there. What is my actual output in wattage? I hope I’m on the right track if explanation here. So yeah, what is my actual wattage being thrown down upon the canopy? Good grief I hope I’m getn there. May just be baked again…:joy::joy::blush:


If I’ve been paying attention the dimmer comes into play once you’ve done with veg phase of the cycle. Dimming for veg growth and full blast for flower. Is that how it goes. Excuse my need for explanation of the basics but I gotta get this right if I’m gunna invest. Serious thought brings a few extra questions is all.


I’m not in a big panic about it @dbrn32. My first grow was a single plant, which had next to no training and I ended up with 50gm dry. Just curious.


Watts are a unit of electrical power, in this case your light consumption. So it’s not really a measure of light output. T5’s are the best out of fluorescent. Good growers with the right methods I’ve seen pull around half gram per watt dry with them. I’m not sure what you’re other fluorescent are, but probably not as good as the t5. Moving to a qb is going to produce avout twice as much light per watt. So your yield potential per watt should increase quite a bit. The power you run at will depend on your space, light height, and how well your plants respond to the light.

As far as what you will actually get, there’s a lot more to that than what you have for lights.


Ok.fair enough. And the other fluoros are only standard. Nuthn special about em. I will just make the best of what I’ve got till I can upgrade. All good.


Here you go @Mental :grin: I think there is a good pic of her around post 2176 :wink:


Yeah was my question too, how much should you dim them or just put them on full 320w?