Quantum Board Grow Room


That would be @Covertgrower haha


I didn’t even know I was fat! @dbrn32 lol :joy:


You’re not, but we know what your tendencies are lol.


I definitely draw the line at hairy… lol


Bahahaha!!! Fair enough


I thought we were talking about buds… are we not? :rofl::man_shrugging::wink:


bless you @dbrn32, you have the patience of job. some people can’t wrap their heads around the idea that you try to be objective and fair and open-minded.


I know mattybear and covertgrower well, we were just having some fun.


@dbrn32 it was in reference to another forum where one of the guys was going off on you again bud. he hadn’t been able to get a buzz and by the sounds he really needed it, the guy in the emergency room.


Oh, sorry. He was having a rough weekend i guess. He’ll probably be fine after taking some time to cool off.


Would this light do 2 or 3 plants or would i 2x it or go bigger. My set up is the same excpt my vent is 236cfm looking to get rid of the blue purps heat during flower


The one i gave you in the other thread, or Mattybear’s? Both would put similar light into your space. The diy buikd i gave you would probably save you $50-100.


@dbrn32. Morning to you. You’ve got me. I’m asking for your help to DIY build a qb for my tent. We have a 63" HIGH X 47" LONG X 23.5" DEEP tent to work with. I’ve never played with electrics a lot but I understand clear instructions. I’m willing to chip away at the goods list with our tight budget involved and I promise to share the journey faithfully. Currently have a fluoro system incorporated into that is a t5 twin bulb unit as well as a few little leds. Are you up for said challenge?


For sure! Did you have a specific board you want to use?


Yep. The cheapest we can use effectively.


do you put your seeds in a dark area to germinate?


@amosmoses no I don’t… after the water bath and the seed cracks open, I put the seeds in rapid rooters with the hole covered and then stick them in the tent under 24/0 until they pop up


The only other thing I can say about the type of board I want to use is that i was hoping for a veg/flower board.


3000k or 3500k will get you there.


Ok. Let’s run with 3500k.