Quantum Board Grow Room


Just different strains grew taller than others and I couldn’t keep them all the same height or I wouldn’t have been able to fit all 4 in there. I like to do quick and easy training most of the time for a quicker turnaround. :v::bear:


Outta likes smoking-a-joint-smiley-emoticon Lookin mighty, damn fine!


And a heavier one :wink: all about geting that light inside


That Raspberry Kush is something to behold.


@basementstealth dont you remeber my thread i made my butter with non decarbed trim from garbage weed i grew last time … who plant matter some pop corn buds but whole plant mostle it had alot of pain killing and anti inflamation properties that way i did it in a plug in stir fry pan with a dial that dials in temp and simmer 8 sticks of butter with as much trim as i could submerge in the butter still wet mind you so I’m had water by product that took all the undesireable left over plant mater and left it in the water in the bottom of the tupperwear container i used to cool it in… so like 45 mins of simmer at 180 worked well for me … just quadruple up some chese cloth and poor the butter through squeez and twist it it will squuez it all out becareful not to twist to much cuz the cloth will rip and the bud will fall into your filtered butter


Happy Anniversary :tada:
Thanks for being here at ILGM all your help and guidance. You are very appreciated :v::green_heart:


Happy cake day @MattyBear.


Here’s ta 2 down and many more to come…


Happy cake day brother !!


Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary buddy!


Happy Anniversary !!!


happy anniversary @MattyBear


Happy happy


Almost to the end of week 8…

Blue Mystic bud porn…


Some “sexy” pics :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::+1::+1::+1::+1:


looking great Matty, how long were those girls in veg cycle? @MattyBear


Thick and frosty, just the way i like them!


Around 4-6 weeks if I remember correctly. Thanks for the kind words :wink::v::bear:


I thought it was fat and hairy… :rofl::wink: