Quantum Board Grow Room


Great stoners great think alike @Covertgrower :wink::fist:


Made over 500 capsules. I would like to thank @crazyots for the recipe and directions on how to make these. They are a hit with everyone that’s tried them :wink::v::bear:


Looks like you did a super fine Job too! your welcome!


Do you mind posting a link to the post at the start of the process as @crazyots described?


1oz Good Bud. Decarb it 235f for 35min In Paper Bag Closed at top.
400ml of Hemp seed Oil
1TBS WillPowder Soy Lecithin Powder
Cook 4 hours at 160f MB2 works great…

Put in caps keep in cool place…


Time to do some training and grab some clones for breeding…


How many caps does it make? What is “MB2”


Magic Butter Machine, 2nd Edition. (MB2E)


I made around 500 capsules, size “0”


And if i dont have a magic butter machine? I can put it in the oven at 170? Opening occasionally to stir?


Not sure because I’ve never done it that way


Depends on the size of Cap you got 0 &00 &000
with 0 about 500
with 00 about 450
with 000 about 350


Took clones of the Gelato, Bubblegum, Alien Fruitcake, Pineapple Chunk, and Super Lemon Haze. Once they root, they will go into either solo cups or one gallon pots and get pollinated by my Cinderella Haze male. I will train the plants in the QB tent and give them one week to recover and then they will get flowered out. Here’s the clone/seedling area. On the left is the clones and on the right are my seeds


Just did some training. Tent is full and needs to be flipped by next weekend at the latest


Here’s the tent. Bubblegum got trained and trimmed too


Beautiful ladies you got there


My other flower tent is on day 51 since flipping the lights to 12/12.

Couple more weeks left for these ones :v::bear:


What’s in there again?


Cindy- back left
Raspberry Kush- back right
Blue Cheese- front left
Blue Mystic- front right



We were supposed to get less than an inch of snow. I think they were off a little bit lol


Very nice bro i cant wait till my purple haze start to fill in there stacking nicley your training is ver simple ive been doing similar just tying as my branches out to the bs ide as you can . Is there a reason you leave the topped main stalk upright instead of bronging everything to same level. … i think i have an idea y it must really make your plants bush out with stemming from ma8n stalk and lowers being single cloas