Quantum Board Grow Room



Im all for saving money but i bought the mb2 and it works great !!! Very happy with it


Here’s what I’m starting with. I’m gonna decarb 40g of Double Tangie Banana in the oven… more to come as things happen :wink:


Hey I like your cap holder…I have been filling them up one by one…lol…but you have to remember Im a little slow…haha


40g of chopped DTB into the oven for one hour at 225 degrees


…grabs oven mitt and ski mask…


Been wanting to add this to my skill set will be watching intently! I was thinking of using the remnants from the tincture in capsules. @MT3 thought you might find this interesting as well.


Taking notes @MattyBear :grin:


Decarbed Cannabis is out of the oven and cooling on top of the stove for an hour…


Ok… all cooled down. It becomes like a vacuum seal on the jar and helps preserve all the terpines by decarbing in the mason jars.
I added all contents of the jar of cannabis (40g)

Next, add the Hemp seed oil (400ml)

Then one heaping Tablespoon of lecithin

Put the lid on, set temperature at 160 and I’m going to do 4 hours. See you guys when it’s done :wink::v::bear:


Hey does your AFC have three-fingered fan leaves?

AFC is the one on the top right corner.


And you get a great light show !:rofl:


When I made my last tincture with the MB2, I decanted the tincture and had a tablespoon (or two) of vegetal trub in the bottom on the machine. I started to pour it out on a dinner plate and dry it, but ended up dumping the dregs. Once day I’ll try it, but do y’all think there is enough value in the remnants to make it worth the time?

I know what @DoobieNoobie means about licking the spoon. I must have had a super-charged potency on this batch - I licked the spatula when I made MBO and damn near couch locked for the afternoon. Will I do that again? Heck yeah, that ended up being a great day! Don’t waste a drop!


OH…BTW, since this is the Quantum Board Grow Room thread, I wanted to share:

My HLG 320W XL QB just came in TODAY from Kurt at Growers Lights. I ordered it a full month ago and it finally got here. I think that time lag attests to the popularity of these LED lights. This one adds to my 135W HLG QB already in use in a 2x2 tent.

Also ordered (to arrive next week) is a 2x4 Gorilla tent for the new 320W HLG QB. Yes…I am super excited!!

Edit: A shout out to @dbrn32 for the guidance and tech support for giving me pro’s and con’s on light purchases.


We would all be using 60w bulbs if it wasnt for @dbrn32


Here’s a pic of my AFC…


Looks like it has those long stemmed big fans that mine had and big fat blades. I’m excited to see you get it to flower!


Won’t be long now @Bogleg :wink: I’m gonna take a few clones to breed and let her recover and then she’s going to flower in a 2 gallon pot. I’ll keep a clone of her going too. I’m excited to see her in flower too :hugs::v::bear:


Ok… my timer went off and it was all done mixing. I squeezed out all remaining oil and now I’m letting it cool a little before I fill my capsules


Funny, must have been decarb Thursday! That happened here too. Lol @MattyBear