Quantum Board Grow Room


Variety is the spice of life! Jk… weed is the spice of life haha


Definitely never say never :wink:
I’ve expanded my grow room 3 times and still want more space to grow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


These plants are starting to really take off. Should be able to grab a few good clones this weekend :v::bear:


Looking gorgeous as always Matt, very healthy specimens!!


Nice man I need to get this chick of money and build my veg light already and get my flower room to 1200 or possibly 1600 hps in 5x5


Thanks fellas! Today I’m gonna make canna capsules in my Magic Butter Machine… should be fun!


Man I love my Magic Butter Machine !!!:sunglasses:


@MattyBear now why didn’t I see this before… all my questions are answered here… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::+1::+1:


@MattyBear This one?


That’s it. I made 3 cups of canna butter with mine today.


With cured bud right …?


I used a bunch of decarbed trim and a half ounce of decarbed bud. It’s potent lol. I was smashed just from licking it off my fingers when I was done.


Haha … im still soo far away from this :weary:


Look on that company website. They have lots of recipes. You can get some ideas that way. I’m off to bed have a good day.


No i mean in terms of having any bud… night mate


lol SMH @MattyBear. thanks for the heads up bud. I was going to start a second tent a couple months after i started the first when i had saved up the funds. I was going to due a full grow off set by two or three months on each lol. Now I will change my strategy and use one for veg and one for flower. I am sincerely thinking of buying a third tent to use to hang harvest. Thanks a bunch for the idea mattybear.


Ur gonna have so much bud once ur clones flower…


That’s the one I have and it’s great! I will post materials and process for making canna capsules a little later. I got super busy yesterday and didn’t have time to make them :wink::v::bear:


I don’t know if anyone actually purchased one. I think @crazyots was looking into one but I found through research that the MBE2 is a repackaged almond milk maker and you can find on that does exactly what the MBE2 does for around $75. Just an FYI.


No I got the MB2, I was looking in to the other for someone. They are the same thing…
1/2 the money I will be getting one next if I need a new one.