Quantum Board Grow Room


@elheffe702 @Missiles thank you fam! I’m pretty excited to say the least :wink:


Awsome bro I had a Male but it was bag seed so no sence im n saving


Plant of the Day is Blue Mystic…


Killing it bro!


I totally agree! Weed whisper :sunglasses::wink:


Just catching up, congrats Man. @MattyBear


Awesome POTD!!



I digging the blue mystic very beautiful plant. If I may ask where did you get the seeds from for this strain?


I got one seed from a buddy of mine. I didn’t pay for it, so I’m not sure where he got it from…


If I had to guess, it came from Nirvana :roll_eyes:


Here’s the actual QB tent lol. It’s vegging a Bubblegum, Gelato, Pineapple Chunk, Super Lemon Haze, and Alien Fruitcake… :v::bear:


Looking great


This plant looks amazing.


Just dropped another Green Avenger to replace the one I lost and I decided to drop a NYC Diesel too :wink::v::bear:


Got a Banana Kush and GDP sitting in water :mage:


Nice! I have a Banana Kush and GDP in solo cups :wink:


Wasn’t going to label them and see what happens, should be EZ to tell


You would think so, but most of my plants change colors, and I have 14 plants and 2 seeds waiting to pop, so I have to label them or I won’t even remember what strains I have going haha


I could never keep up with pruning 14, I have trouble with 2. Been eyeing a 8x8 tent at this local store “never say never”


Nice! I love the variety you grow!