Quantum Board Grow Room


Ww is 60 40 indica dom bro but still great sativa affects


My hydro store dude turned me onto this root dip and foliar spray …with humic , and enymes… have any experience anyone


@fano_man I’ve used humic acid and kelp, but not as foliage sprays. Both do work as amendments to the soil very well.


No directions for amendments just dip and spray I’ll get s pic


I just applied to soil regularly.


download zoom in for %'s


Seen like good stuff havent done much research on it but I’m doing a row of plants with and 2 without at 1/3 strength on ww monster crops …well see if there a dif… I’m gonna loo lm up its benefits as a foliar


Banana Kush had a tail and went into a rooter. The 3 left that haven’t cracked open are the Tsi Fly, GDP and Fruity Pebbles. Hopefully they’ll be ready later today :v::bear:


Man just watching you list all those different strains makes my head spin. Love all the variety though for sure and extremely jealous of your seed bank.


Pssst… Bergman’s Lab…


I was just talking to someone else about that I definitely need to join.!


All had tails and were placed into rooters, places under the dome and stuck on the heat mat :v::bear:


Hey @MattyBear
I see you and that green advengers I’d love to get my hand on one of those seeds


I will start a new journal with the next grow in the other 3x3 tent but here is what’s going on in there. I had to nurse all these plants back from being transplanted from soil to Promix and dealing with the different ph. So they aren’t the prettiest but the buds are looking nice and conditions are pretty optimal for the most part.
Front left is Blue Cheese, front right is Blue Mystic. Back left is Cinderella 99 and back right is Raspberry Kush

Blue Mystic…

Blue Cheese…(smells awesome!)

Raspberry Kush…

Cinderella 99…

Seedlings… Lemon OG tap root snapped below the shell and I don’t think she’s gonna make it. Other 5 are up tho…



Got it goin on as always. Sorry about the Lemon OG causality :call_me_hand:t3:


Man lemon og is one of my favorite smokes awsome bro sooo much limoneite and dank as hell


Finally got my male! Cindy Haze!!! I’ll be harvesting the pollen and then using it on some clones to create 4-6 new strains :v::bear:


In the other 3x3, the Gelato and Bubblegum got some super cropping and the Pineapple Chunk and Alien Fruitcake got topped. Super Lemon Haze is just chilling :v::bear:


Congrats on the male! So exciting, let the breeding begin!


That’s exciting! Some wonderful things are about to happen :grin: