Quantum Board Grow Room


Have had the Killer Queen from
Colorado was really good daytime smoke similar to gc.


What are you using for a camera most of the time, Matt?


iPhone 7+ @Bogleg


Harvest day is upon us in the QB flower tent… one Double Tangie Banana mutant clone in a one gallon pot that will be used strictly for canna capsules, one Cindy 99 clone in a one gallon fabric pot, one Black Dog clone in a 2 gallon fabric pot and one Killer Queen in a 5 gallon fabric pot. I’ll try and remember to take pics and update throughout or when I’m done. :v::bear:

Killer Queen…

Cinderella 99…

Black Dog…

All 4 on death row haha
I hate trimming… who’s coming to help!!! Haha


Congrats on another beautiful tent going down!


Another epic grow!


Sign me up as long as you pay in product :drooling_face: nice work.


You supply the pizza? Great job: your plants always look so killer.


I’ll supply the pizza and endless bong rips/joints/blunts! Haha


Supervised endless bong rips lol


Hey I’m on the way let me grab a blunt or two and fill them for the ride up maybe even 5 blunts for the road coming from this far south. But my guy you see why I try to model like you great job on the grow and please post the weights when done


Will do @Onlythebest79 and you might need more than 5 blunts for the trip :wink:


If it’s that good 5 should hold me till I get there and I’m pretty sure I know someone on the way to you I could borrow a blunt or two to last me to your place.


Pick me up on the way out, @Onlythebest79! Better make it an even 10.


Will do and plenty water to drink


This happened a little bit ago…


One each of:
Lemon OG fem
Banana Kush fem
Fruity Pebbles reg
Tsi Fly reg
Green Avenger fem
Grand Daddy Purple fem

@Hogmaster these are the ones I just dropped :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes::wink:


Nice I got 4 lemon :lemon: haze going


Well 2/6 had tap roots in their baths so I put them in rooters, under the dome and into the tent. Lemon OG and Green Avenger were the first two. Others should be ready tomorrow. I transplanted my Gelato and Bubblegum into 5 gal pots and the Alien Fruitcake, Pineapple Chunk, and Super Lemon Haze went into 2 gal pots. Here’s the new set up for the moment. I also flipped the Cindy Haze to 12-12 to make sure it’s a male. If it is, every plant I have in veg will be getting cloned and bred with it. :v::bear:


There’s about to be some action at your place lol