Quantum Board Grow Room


Since you are a new grower, it might be easier to get FFOF or FFHF for your first time so you don’t have to mess with adding nutrients for the first month or so. Then when you see a few grows to finish, then look into an inert media like Promix. That’s how I started off :wink::v::bear:


@MattyBear ok next question should I go with an auto such as WW? Or would a feminized seed be ok? I love an energetic head high.


@Psu8286 Either one would be fine. I prefer to grow photoperiod because you have time in veg to fix any issues before going to flower where as an auto will start flowering on its own schedule. That said, I started with Blueberry autos lol. If you’re looking for an energetic head high, I’d look at the Sativa dominant strains. :v:


@MattyBear yeah I love the sativa dominate strains. I want to grow it all. I’ve picked a view from the ILGM menu I’d like to try Super Lemon Haze, WW, SD, Chocolope etc. Have you grown any of these. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.


I’ve grown or am in the process of growing all those you listed. My favorite smelling and tasting plant of those listed is the Sour Diesel.


I just finished off the last of my SD. It is a very good strain.


I have a SLH that’s a seedling right now. Chocolope is a decent strain too. Amnesia Haze is a good Sativa… Maui Wowie was awesome smoke… there’s a lot of good ones IMO


@greencoat this is a dandelion example of one that is close but not there yet


Happy New Year!!!


I guess I need to make a new topic for the third tent finally lol. Here they are nearing the end of the transition stretch. :v::bear:


What’s going on in 2x2 right now?


I need to buy more Promix and transplant them. I ran out and haven’t ordered more yet. I will do that today and then they will get moved to the QB tent and sent to flower shortly after


These were given their last watering on Thursday. I will harvest once they dry out, except I might let the Cindy go a little longer.

Killer Queen

Black Dog

Cinderella 99


How long do you let them dry out after watering before harvest? @MattyBear… I flushed with sledgehammer a week ago, and ran 3 gallons of plain water yesterday…my plan is to let them go until Thursday maybe Friday then 48 hrs of dark then harvest possibly Sunday.


awesome @MattyBear !!


Good lord! Really like the look of killer queen. Has really nice structure and not a ton of huge sugar leaves. Super frosty as usual too.


I just wait until the pots are completely dry and light and then I always chop them down while the lights are off, like within an hour of when they would come back on normally. :v::bear:


@dbrn32 @BIGE thanks fellas :wink: I think the Killer Queen will be some pretty dank stuff. I already know the other strains are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::muscle::v::bear:


you’re my hero!


I’ve never even heard of Killer Queen before, but that plant looks amazing. I love the tones in her. It’s a shame these things have to get the chop, sometimes, but it looks like she’s going to be a great smoke too.