Quantum Board Grow Room


Nah man… just doing double duty haha


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That’s. Cool bro glad to have you on reference when needed :+1::+1:


Been busy the last few days haha


this reminds me i need new starter plugs! lookin good @MattyBear


Happy Anniversary @BIGE! Thanks for all your contributions around the forum. You are much appreciated :wink::fist::v:


Happy Anniversary brother!


thanks for all of ya’lls help…lol
i’m happy to help …spread the knowledge!



Beautiful C 99 what a great strain and i hope you got the pineapple pheno


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone! :christmas_tree::gift:


Merry Christmas, :gift: :christmas_tree:



image I see your at wk1 flowering and looking good


Yeah. I flipped 15 days ago but have only fed transition and week 1 flower nutes so far :v::bear:


@Sixpackdad & @Doughbreezy207 this it what I referred to as “dandelion looking tops” but not all have made it through the transition completely


@MattyBear I’m new to growing, so to keep things simple for me until I understand how and when to feed, would you suggest FFOF for seedling to harvest? Or is it simple enough to use pro max and add my nutes? Thank you in advance. I know this is an old thread but like I said I’m new and going through all the post I think will help. Have a great new yr.


Happy 4th anniversary @Budbrother


Happy Happy @Budbrother


Happy Anniversary @Budbrother! You da man! :v::bear: