Quantum Board Grow Room


Always comin with the amazing looking buds


@Budtastic @Aolelon thanks fellas! @MAXHeadRoom this isn’t an overly high in CBD plant. Cinderella 99


High af THC





Cindy looking better every time I see her!


So are you like me an when I look at my scrog I see all things i could have done differently or better? I mean its like a bad habit trying to tuck everything and then when you have done that then you are culling the lower growth its like you cant ever stop f-ing with them lol
End rant…your grow looks luscious…


What the heck is NFTG or NOTG


Nectar of the gods


Actually the correct name is “Nectar for the Gods”. It get confused so easily, even by me still! Lol. @dbrn32


Thanks for getting me straight lol.


Hi. How many square feet will that qb light setup cover? I’m seriously considering ditching my lights and going QB. Paying at least $100 per month extra in electricity/hydro costs (its not just the HPS light heat, but then I have to run an indoor a/c unit to cool it off, also have to vent it). $1000 bucks is huge, but my current lighting system will cost me that in hydro very quickly. Thanks


I have a similar set up. 6 QB 288. Mine are setup with 2 lights each. So 3 individual lights

plus i have a veg room that has a T-5 set up. Both have fans and filters plus oscillating fans. Never gets above 82 at light level with fan on. Each setup will flower a 2×3 section. My electric jumped up an additional 110$ maybe. So totally worth not having all that other stuff. Hope this helped. An I hope I’m correct


Just wanted to let everyone know I’ve been taking a little break from the forum and focusing on my lab threads lately. I’m sorry for anyone that has tagged me and I’ve not responded the past few weeks. It’s not that I don’t love y’all, it’s just hectic this time of year for me and my time gets stretched thin. Much love everyone and I’ll check in periodically :fist::v:


Now that’s more like it… lights are expensive but considering hydro and work involved in managing excess heat I like this a lot


I just built my QB 260w v2 kit today. Looks and works great. Looking forward to the community grow in a few weeks!


Were u outdoor before @nostril ur botm bud was outside right?


I do both because I’m too impatient for summer. But yes, I prefer outside for ease. :+1:


Psych!!! I’m here to stay now :wink::fist::v:


What you get kicked out the lab already? Loljk bro hold you get that nifty grow mentor label