Quantum Board Grow Room

do you put your seeds in a dark area to germinate?

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@amosmoses no I don’t… after the water bath and the seed cracks open, I put the seeds in rapid rooters with the hole covered and then stick them in the tent under 24/0 until they pop up


The only other thing I can say about the type of board I want to use is that i was hoping for a veg/flower board.


3000k or 3500k will get you there.


Ok. Let’s run with 3500k.


This is what a DIY 4 QB132 lamp in a tent size you have proposed looks like. These are 3K V2s on a 240w, 1750A driver, and all costs were about $250. Good luck with your investment.



I just checked the diy list of components and it doesn’t seem to have all that’s needed. How do I track that down. @ Sixpackdad?. Whats your thoughts @dbrn. Appreciate your input Sixpackdad.


It has everything to electrically connect the lamp. The QB132 V2 3K boards are on the horticulture lighting group site, you’ll need to google search, they aren’t an approved vendor we can post.

For the frame, you need angle bar and nuts/bolts/washers, 4 small s hook & wire/chain to hang the lamp; tools are drill, measuring tape, a saw to cut aluminum, and sandpaper to take off the edges from the saw. I built my frame on the fly and measured it out such that each QB board is centered on each of the four 2x1 foot print; and that the driver sits in the middle on the two piece of frame that connect the long pieces.

I upgraded the amazon wish list to include the framing materials and tools :slight_smile:


Tent is filling in quick. Few days into the flip to 12/12…


Flyr, this is exactly why I had to go with LED type of light for my grow, With my situation, I have a hard time cooling the place down, during the summers in Texas, it can get hot! Shoot our hottest day this last year was around 112 degrees If I remember correctly. So the LED lights are perfect for me. Glad they are an option!


Beautiful. Appreciate your time.@Sixpackdad. Time to start chipping away at the list. I feel like I can finally get one o these things going now. Gunna take some time but the jobs on. Good news.


Hey @MattyBear here’s my first indoor grow with the QB 260 XL V2. This is my first indoor grow and I have managed to not kill anything yet. These are gelato seeds from a friend who works in a local co-op. Little over 10 weeks since I dunked the seeds and 10 days since flipped to 12/12. It’s looking like they are all girls :grin:

Was thinking I will take some clones from the lower growth early next week. Also, my flower footprint is 2X4 and they are in the sweet spot. Should leave em be or pull out the scrog net and do a wee bit of training after taking the clones? Kinda nervous about that part this late in the grow, plus I have never super cropped a top before…

Sage advise is always welcomed, unless I dont like it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



You’re doing great, and it’s never too late to super crop except when in flower. Cloning is always a great option!


great looking plants @DaGoose

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Hi @Covertgrower They are 10 days into 12/12 and it’s looking like the stretch might almost be over. Perhaps it’s best to just leave em be and clean up the bottoms so all the energy goes up top without any fussing eh? Once I have the clones and know they are female I can try new stuff for the next grow…

How much fun is this :sunglasses::v:

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Didn’t realize you’re in flower. @DaGoose 10 days into flower is the perfect time to take monster crop clones.
Cleaning up the bottoms is always a great option, this is when I usually take clones.


Got it bro! Will take the monster cropped clones and piddle with training and all that on the next run.



Had a 135w v2 coming from a buddy in MI. Long story short, he drove over it with his car. Looks like HLG stocked back up and was able to order one from them today.


@BobbyDigital don’t have your friend over until the new light is hung :wink:



@DaGoose Lol, won’t be a problem. He’s 1500 miles away. He got baked and went to bring the package to FedEx. Couldn’t open his trunk because he grabbed the wrong keys. Set the box down, went and got the correct keys and jumped in the car (forgetting he left the box on the ground behind the car) and backed down the driveway. At least we all now know that the light is not durable enough for the drive over test.