Quantum board from AliExpress. Anybody tried?

Are they worth it ? The 240w.
I’m looking to make some upgrades…probably 4 or 5 of this one. I want to cover 7x 10 feet area…
First I will probably order only one to check it.

And with emitting color I should choose ?

Seems like is close to half price of Mars Hydro or Spider Farmer from Amazon…have both and they are good but I don’t make final decision to keep them or not.

But I can be wrong… that’s why I’m asking for your opinion.
Yes, I’m on bugdet

Thank you for coments and suggestions.

I got a 320 v2 respect dimmable qb from China off of Amazon for like $300 and I have zero complaints.

If the specs match up with the real lights, I say give it a try. I took the gamble with it and won.

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I started to look down this same route last year, hoping to save some money. As soon as I started reading reviews on various vendors’ questionable customer service and issues with product returns, it convinced me to go with HLG.
I’m not necessarily saying to avoid doing it, but… buyer beware.

I also own a 320xl v2 dimmable qb from HLG. Both work very well.

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I have not tried them but from what I read, they are unreliable. You will roll the dice on whether you get what they advertise and most of the time those dice will roll snake eyes. There are some who are happy with them and I have seen some very impressive grows with knock-offs but in the end you do get what you pay for. Good luck!

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Would that 320 cover 4x4 ?

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This one would for sure.

It’s best for 2.5x5.

Do you have a link for that light ?

It’s currently unavailable on Amazon.

Full Spectrum 320w lm301b Quantum Board

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I ended up having 6 of them and I really like them !

5 of them cover 8 plants ( 10 in the future ) and one cover my cloning tent

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