Quantum Board First Timer Question

Hi All

I have a question about my first quantum board grow. I’ve been reading heights should be about 24”. Is this correct?

I’m not finding much info about the dimming process. I have a seeding in the tent right now and have it dimmer pretty low.

When does my QB need to be at 100%?

If anyone can outline to process a bit for me
It would be greatly appreciated.

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The light guru here seems to be @Jbum, he knows his lights!


Thanks but that’s actually @dbrn32 but I believe I can answer your question for you. What light/driver are you running? I have mine about 28” over seedlings with it all the way down. I will start to crank the intensity up when they start to flower by doing it in small increments. But keep in mind all plants differ always monitor your changes well. Even document them if need be.


For lights I bought from KingBrite QB288 240W 3500k with 660nm Cree deep red And HLG-240H-48AB driver.

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So for me and what was suggested was as I explained all the way down and progress as they flower. You will be able to tell if it is to far if they start to stretch but I doubt that will be the case.

Edit they will love the extra red in flower!!!


I am still running these at 28” and they are just bushes. QB 320 XL turned all the way down.


Looks like @Jbum has you set. I would watch plants and adjust accordingly. I would say not really any reason to have that light closer than 16" in flower. In certain circumstances a little higher may be better too.

This should end with either A or B, not AB. take a look and let me know, I can help you with dimming from there.


It’s HLG-240H-48A.

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Yeah A is the adjustable. @dbrn32 will definitely make sure you are squared away!

Happy growing my friend good luck!

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There should be 2 rubber plugs on top of driver. Remove the one that says IO adjust. Then use #1 Phillips screwdriver to turn the plastic internal potentiometer. Counterclockwise is less current and clockwise is more current.


I keeps mine about 18-24 inches. I do not pay much attention to measuring it. More like a guess. I did have the 8 inches and they started bleaching tops of buds. I cut tips off because there is no thc in the bleached part. I’d say dont stress and let plant tell you what’s up.

My 260’s are 7 3/4” from my plants and there’s not a thing I can do about it. They wide open and in mid flower

Hello, ´m new around I wonder if you could give a hand, thank´s in advance.

The 320w comes from any of the single boards or the 3 combined? What will be the equivalent in HPS? Congratulations your plants look great.


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They are 3 boards. I was told equivalent to a 600 with a footprint of about 2x4 give or take.

Welcome to. The forum BTW and thanks!