Quantum Board Driver Guide


@dbrn32 since your the build guide guru, and @MAXHeadRoom I saw you are fancy with these boards, i need your assistance selling me the proper driver for my boards. I want to buy 4 QB132s and 2 QB288’s what driver(s) can I use? 1 or 2 is better?

Looking online for quantum boards. I found (4) QB132 (3500k) for 133.00 shipped. What driver would pair with this build? Im not so friendly with these boards and what I should power them with.

I also found (2) QB288 (3000k) for 129.99 shipped. What driver should I power these two boards with? I would also need the heat sinks still, looking to get them from HLG or ebay.

I have access to plenty of terminals and wire, so just keep it to the driver talk, and matching the proper size for the boards I have.


Outside of the realm of possibility, you’ll want to run them separate drivers. Mostly because it makes the most sense to run 288’s at 2100ma and the 132 at 1400ma. That’s the way I would build them, and those are the drivers I’ll spec for you. For all intensive purposes, each will be at 2/3 of max current at full driver output. That gives you the best balance of output and efficiency.

Two qb 288’s is hlg-240h-c2100a if you want onboard dimmer. Change a to b if you want the dimming leads to hook up your own dimmer. This will give you about 115 Watts per board at the board and about 250-260 wall watts for the driver.

Four 132’s you’ll want the hlg-185h-c1400a, same with switching to b on this driver. This will be just shy of 50 watts per board, maybe 48-50 and about 210-215 wall watts from this driver.

Did I miss anything?


Great thanks man! So my grand total for my build (without heat sinks) is $392.40.
Thats for 4 QB132’s, and 2 QB288’s and 1 HLG-240h-2100b and 1 HLG-185h-1400b :wink: ill get potentiometers from lowes or home depot.

I just need heat sinks for restock from HLG, and Ill buy aluminum stock from lowes/ home depot

total watts 475 from wall. and .82 cents per watt, thats keepin it :100:


A little bird told me if you email hlg with proof of purchase they have heatsinks they will sell you. Not sure how accurate that is, but would explain why they’re never in stock.

I think they are trying to keep from selling out to people who are buying knock off bosrds from alibaba or wherever.


I’m buying my boards on amazon. Will that be okay?


I believe so. Shoot them an email.


I will for sure, I might just buy the boards and drivers now, and wait till June till they release the slate 3 heat sink for the Q-boards. Wonder if the 132’s will work with those heat sinks. They’re machined for the 288’s


You want the slate 2 or slate 6, the slate 3 I believe is less surface area. Those are also not compatible with the 132 boards. Hlg claims that with half the diodes on larger boards heatsink isn’t needed on the 132 boards.


Ah even better! no heat sinks to buy for the 132’s heh. perfect ill just frame it with aluminum. ill check out the slate 3 & 6’s and see what I come up with, ill email HLG and see what happens. ::slight_smile: only 2 heat sinks needed for the 288’s to tally up the grand total.


lol,you’ve been doing your homework @AmnesiaHaze ! lol
i may be leaning towards QB for my next build… @dbrn32 the 132boards just need a sheet of aluminum for heatsink?


I don’t think the 132 boards need heat sinks at all. That’s what I’m looking at for the veg tent


@MattyBear is correct according to hlg. From looks of it, they’re almost 1.5 x the size of 288’s and have half the diodes. So I’m guessing the pcb itself will dissipate enough heat. At least that’s what they’re claiming.

I would probably still be a little hesitant to push them to max. I think the 1400ma I quoted above is about right.


@BIGE @MattyBear @dbrn32 thanks for the replies. I have indeed; did my homework. @BIGE the 4 132s will be 5000k or 4000k for 2x4 veg tent @MattyBear

The 2 288s in 3000k will be in conjunction to 2 1200w cobs (6 200w LEDs) 252w actual each. they each have 3 fans, spread accordingly to aluminum stock. as a level for the height of the lights as to easy adusting. The true wattage is unknown. i will have dimmers hooked up to it as well @dbrn32

This will all be built for my personal pleasure only!


I’d be willing to bet you can veg decently with less than 4 of those boards in a 2x4. Not sure if that’s going to help you or not? How big is flowering space?


The 132s are sold as a 4 pack. lol flowering 4x4


Ok. So how big is flowering space? Another 2x4?


veg 2x4 flowering 4x4


Ahh, 134 not going to help that enough to justify buying 3 different drivers I don’t think. Never mind then, thought I was on to something haha.


haha nope its okay, you were getting me to the right direction, and i think i misunderstood the 134? im buying a 4 pack of 132s lol. will that driver you said still work


i will just dim them instead and run 4 anyways