Quantum Board 288 Grow Journal Thanks dbrn32


Okay, my old metal fans are loud and consume power a little more then I like, but hyper fan sounds good. Will check the other brands, as far as uv goes, would it be similar to the uv lights used in water purification? I have a buddy owns a company and gave me one, I can probably remove it from glass tube and jacket and retrofit into ducting. I have heard of it for pathogens and mold but not for smell.
Will do a lol research, thanks.


I think so, but I’m not entirely sure. I have limited knowledge about them. Just know that’s what they use at a local medical grow.


Got some preflowe defoliation going on,needed some clones. I did one half two days prior and second half today. Notice how different the ones done two days prior look compared to ones I just finished. I’m always surprised at how fast they bounce back.


Shooting to flower within nesxt 5 days or so, depending how fast they fill out. Just got my charcoal filter in, may look into that uv for secondary before I install. Will keep updated, things been hectic at work so can’t post as often as I would like.


24 oz out of 3 plants


Im curious as to how these will turn out with the super cropping you’ve done. Looks like they got stripped of everything.


Hey, I’m behind on updates, but here they are. Having a few issues, lacked on cal mag so had some purple stems n delayed flower, found some thrips damage on lower leaves I think from leaving tent open. Getting rid of them before flower, any thoughts on spinoside? I want to add lady bugs as well in about a week but will flip in few days.



Any input on this leaf damage? It’s only on few bottom leafs right now. I am pretty sure it’s thrips, after 30 minutes of looking everywhere found one in nymph stage. Do not want to flower before eliminating issues. Long overdue on flip.


I also have a strain that is leaf curling, the Animal Cookies. Maybe too much light? I backed up light a little more since they grew into it fast.


The rest of them are thriving besides the cal mag deficiency. I bumped up nitrogen as well. Like @dbrn32 mentioned, they wanted more food.
I slacked on giving them enough food because slow water intake/feeding right after defoliation. They catching up now. Trying to correct before flower, very different from de hps as far as nutrient demand, specifically cal mag. I’m learning…lol.


@dbrn32 I’m loving them hyper fans by the way. Got an 8" and 6" stealth ones and love the low power consumption. Thanks again, not sure about the air box filter yet, I got it but would love to install a uv light into it in addition to charcoal pads. I been researching and the 254nm wave length uv as it should not produce ozone. Will be planning while fixing bug issues. This is placed outside of tent sucking from two bottom corners, into filter then out top into tent rotating the air from bottom of plants to top center of room in a circle.


Here is a blood diamond girl out the room. I think that defoliation helped these lower and middle heads get a chance to flourish.



I think you’re doing very well! Absolutely correct about nutrient demand, it’s part of the adjustment curve. Logic tells me you could probably dim lights some to help get that hunger taken care of. I say logically because I haven’t tried it, always chased with high ppm levels. But it makes sense that dropping light levels a little would slow photosynthesis and probably help if you’re waiting on healthy plants to flip.

Glad you’re liking the fans too! Well worth the extra couple bucks in my opinion. Keep me posted on what you’re doing for filtration please. Have always used carbon from can or phresh, but on much smaller grows. I wouldn’t have even known about that uv, but just so happen to know a local HVAC guy that did some contract work in local licensed medical grow.


As far as those other things, seems like spinosad not working on bugs as well this year for some reason, but I’d probably give it a shot first. A lot of the locals are switching to a product called something like flying skull nuke em for veg treatments, but I haven’t followed the product too much, so research some before trying.

That leaf looks like shows presence of bugs, which could easily be causing issues. Otherwise maybe it wants to be a little more difficult than other plants and is showing some vpd issues too.


Hey, so I have addressed a few issues., raised lights a bit I had them on 400 watts, introduced ladybugs after the treatment. Havnt used any type of pm in a few years but tried the spinoside. Ladybugs hopefully do the upkeep. Now the fun begins. I turned the lights out this morning, 24 hours of darkness…will be posting as things develop. :wink:


Oh and my humidity jumps from around 50 to 60 or so, only c ontrole is ac, once it climbs will kick ac on to dehumidification mode. Rated for 110 pints so hopefully two birds one stone.


0 ll) Well, there hasn’t been much to report, just starting to show some buttons :fist: woohoo…so things will get interesting. Will defoliate in two days, I believe today is day 13 of flower.


Definitely a full room lol.


Yes, they blow up quick, but will be cleaned up very soon. Will start dropping more pics after defoliation, sorry about crappy cell phone footage, doesn’t show true colors.