Quality over quantity

Still doing fine on my ILGM 10 LSD feminized seeds 10 for 10 & all holding fine for 5th week of veg. Bushey little ladies. I think what my question is I really, really want quality over quantity. An example would be I would be satisfied with 10 onces with the 10 plants over 50 onces with the 10 plants, if my 10 onces are TOP Shelf Quality. Any & All kinds of tips for a High Quality Grow would be greatly appreciated.

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Training like lollipop will give you good dense buds as will a scrog it all depends on how you light them and with what light

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You should be shooting for ten ounces from two plants. No need to grow ten.


It all depends on what you can grow


This always blows my mind.


WoWEEEEEE!!! is that baby on steroids or what?? Is it one main trunk?? What Strain


Thanks for the tip I have had success with those technics,

That one is crazy the perfect example

I don’t know the details but it’s just an example that yield may vary on one single plant 50% environment 50 % grower , I’m barely growing 1 plant at 50 g or so , so learning to increase yield

The crazy part is that’s just one. They’re surrounded by them.

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Damn, wtf do they feed them horses

Probably just a generation or two of growing the same strains in soil the strains are used to.

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Just thinking :thinking: how to get bigger yield … gotta get better

Red leaning lights is a good start to getting extra frost on your buds ,BE AGGRESIVE with lights ,nutrients, and water my frosty gelato grew so close to my light 2 of its 4 main colas got a touch of light burn but it was worth it cause even the popcorn buds were covered in lots of big ole thc Crystals. You want bigger fabric pots (5 gallon for auto 7 for photos) to let the roots spread out and absorb better). This is a little controversial but maybe try organic next grow since late flower flushing has been debunked that gives a better reason for a cleaner all organic grow beginning to end .

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Ill see if i can get some pics they were not real bushy but tall and big lol. My aunts friends grew a crop outside last year in garbage cans 50 gal filled. The plants got to be huge lol never seen the end results of it but the pics i seen man wish i was arou d that lady and guy because they had it going on for real. She needed to do some work on spreading them out they grew like arbor vitaies. Skinny and super tall. Gonna see if she has andy pics still and if she got end result pics also. Was a nice grow not quite loke @Cannabian outside grows but they were atleast 15 feet tall

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