Quality not quantity: I want potent bud, a small yield is not a problem

Hi guys, I have only been growing my first plants for a couple of weeks and I am already pretty obsessed with the whole endeavour (I used to think sourdough baking was fun and addictive). Now the dealers where I live in Mexico just sell two types of weed, normal and hydro. Even though I pretty much micro dose and get through under a gram a month, I’ve become a strain geek and I definitely would prefer to be reading all about the different properties and flavors and effects of strains before choosing what to blaze. So the situation is I can get hold of any seed I want through the mail and grow it organically in the Mexican sun, but I can’t buy these mouthwatering next level hybrid strains of weed on the street, so growing my own is a no brainer. But with my low intake it’s likely that I will have more weed than I can smoke if I harvest multiple big plants at the same time. Also I don’t know how well it would keep in a jar in this hot and humid climate with no air con, and I’m not planning on making a business out of this (I’m not about to do a WalterWhite and enter the local drug trade and move in on some narcos turf). So, what I need is to grow a nice plant every 3 or 4 months and just consume from my last harvest. If I only harvest 10g from a plant that’s actually more than enough to see me through until the next harvest, but I do really need it to be quality bud, otherwise what’s the point right? So the question is this: is it feasible to grow a small discrete plant that gives an intentionally modest yield, but ensure the production of some really potent bud?

If you started with something like an HLG 100 in 3000k temp, you could accomplish a micro-grow that discreetly yields a lot more than 10g every 3 months. If you aimed for 4 ounces in a 2’x2’ tent, that should work out. I’d start out by going 12/12 as soon as the first real leaves emerge, in order to keep things “small.”

Thanks for the reply. Here in the tropics the natural sunlight is more powerful than any lamp and basically 12/12 all year round, I have read that photoperiods essentially act like autoflowers here, just flowering when they are mature. Does this idea hold water?


Yeah. If you grow outdoors, you’d have to harm the plant in order to get 10 grams. Maybe you want something described as an “Indica” which will have a naturally shorter stature and shorter flowering period. If you properly prepare the soil, you can expect a lot more than 4 ounces per plant.

You could also look into “auto” seeds.
They’ll grow under most lighting schedules, require less time, are available in many popular strains, and typically grow much smaller (unless you ask mr.peat).

1g/month? :open_mouth:


I normally don’t promote other breeders or seed banks on this forum, but in this case there is one that definitely meets both of your criteria, especially the potent bit:
Mephisto Genetics
Specifically, I would recommend looking into the following autoflower strains:
Alien vs. Triangle
Creme De La Chem
Ripley’s OG
Skywalker Triangle (This one might produce a lot more yield than you want, though)
White Crack

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Thanks dude

Personally I smoke for medical reasons. I used to make 1 oz last a year. But my pain has gotten even worse so I smoke even more.

In your shoes I’d rather have a nice yield off a single plant then when you start getting low, get a new plant going since they take many months to finish. This means you would be set and never run out.

I’m a serious seed hoarder. :joy::joy::joy:

I know, lightweight huh? In my teens I was doing skunk buckets and pulling whities in the shires of 90s England, then I had a kid and a 15 yr break. Now Mary Jane is back in my life and I’m thankful, but I am trying to maintain this super low tolerance I got after the long break

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Not at all. I spent decades smoking less than that (I rarely ever smoked). I just never thought about growing until I became at least a semi regular smoker.

Hey fellow growers, I’m new here and wasn’t sure how to start a new post so here’s my question. My auto seed came up about 2 weeks ago and already appear to be budding. Should I be topping the plant now to start the branches? Any advise much appreciated

My guess is that it isn’t budding but about to sprout a new bunch of leaves. I noticed during the first week it would sprout pairs of leaves, then in the second week whole bunches of leaves. I think it’s part of the process of splitting into multiple nodes

You’re right, that is the way to do it, but it’s pretty hard to resist planting seeds, Ilike a kid in a sweatshop I’ve just ordered:
Sour diesel
jack 47 auto
Bruce banner
Critical jack

And although the resulting plants should technically provide me with many months if not years of weed, the impatient part of me will want to try a hit of this and a hit of that from day to day because hey variety is the spice of life

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One thing I am going to start doing is this. My Prime time to grow is between Oct/Nov to April as the South Texas Coastline becomes unbearable. These are the months that cool down a little.

So I plan to grow Autos for my Summer months and the winter grow my Photos.

I want to get a variety which is the spice of life. I have over 100 different strains and more on the way. Been in Chicago since May 4th.

My trips to Amsterdam I learned about Salad Bowls aka more than 2 strains at the same time. This allowed mw to target different problem areas of my spinal damage.

I see. So for that long fall thru spring cooler period you can slowly bring some photoperiods to maturity, and then in the summer heatwave you can bang out some autos in a short 8-12 week blast. This sounds like something I could implement. Although again, without wanting to count my chickens before they’ve hatched, what am I going to do with all this bud ? Nice problem to have I guess. I might just use smaller pots so they get a bit stunted on purpose. My curiosity remains though, when a small plant produces few buds, will those buds generally be of inferior quality or just as potent as buds from a plant with huge colas?

I love variety I have 11 strains in hand with 4 more growing and 6 plus 2 oldies in water now. Variety is nice I get bored with one strain

Don’t purposely stunt because you could stop growth all together and end up with nothing

Sounds like sage advice. I won’t purposely stunt. Thanks

Idk if we can use other breeders names(delete if not allowed) I’ve only tried autos from fast buds and I’ve never had a plant get above 3 ft tall and starts flowering after 30 days on the dot. Stays small but buds are dense and produce a nice weight. Had a small gelato plant produce 2oz

Great, what you got from that gelato plant is bang in the money