Quality Control Supervisor of Autoflower Bonsai

Thought I would share too funny not to. I use the grow tent for 2 baby rats to have a free roaming area. They like to smell all the plants.


Feel like I have seen people post about them eating plants. Be careful!


Yup. They less eat the plants, more the stems are perfect for gnawing on. Most mice teeth dont stop growing so they are constantly ‘teething’ n if they notice the stem helps sooth… its a wrap.


I think @Nicky 's bossman would have something to say about that!!


Oh would he ever! @pillsbury haha.
@Not2SureYet had issues last grow with mice eating his plants. Meanwhile Bo$$man is always ensuring quality control in his domain, I’m. Just the grunt he’s the eyes and ears of the operation here.

Quality control inspection last grow

Ensuring I set the auto burp correctly for the Curring process

Hes always laying in the grow room door, gives him. The ability to watch the grow while seeing what we humans and the dog are doing in the kitchen/ living room.

I would be careful with mice because they do chew, they also have bacteria on them due to their droppings which I woildnt want anywhere around my plants tbh.
Bossman gets to view things but he never gets free reign inside the tent and I tend to bud wash and have air filtration to rid of pet haur/dander.

Rainy day here, I think someone hit the volcano to hard. That indica body stone can get you pretty good.


Someone get that cat an IG! Hahaha


As an Animal lover I applaud thee… As a Bud Lover…H hmm Keep away little critters…Unless you leave in peace,protect for me…

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Is that the worlds smallest plant? lol

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oh man. ooowee…i was totally off. i was thinking DANG that is a BIG mouse


Bahahahaha. U win the day my friend. Half a mouthful of beer just hit the floor


I don’t leave them unsupervised

It’s a bonsai! Lol

Lol that’s great