Qick question about container size

Hey guys first post and im not sure if im doing it right, lol but i have a plant about 2 or 3 weeks into flower and id say the stretch is about over but i can see some small white roots at the bottom of the pot. Will this be an issue down the road. ? Its in a 3 gal pot and is just a regular seed… Any input would be greatly appreciated…

Nothing to worry about. They’ll prune themselves.

So it will be ok to finish in the 3 gal pot. It wont get stunted later in flower??

You’re in flower you’re going to need to finish her out. Transplanting now can cause problems. Are you in cloth containers?

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No they are plastic. I transplanted my other plant a lil over a week ago into a 5 gal bucket and was going to do this one as well but the roots on the first plant hadn’t reached the bottom of its pot and yes im in early flower so didn’t want to move either of them…

You should be fine. It may require watering more often due to roots consumer a lot of the pot. If they start exhibiting root bound symptoms, you may have no choice.


Alright. Thank you…