QB's and seeds/sprouts

With the great recommendations here I purchased two 135w QB’s for my grow space. This will be the first time using them to sprout a seed, what power do you usually run them at when dealing with a seedling/sprout?

I run full power but I have my lights at the top of ny 80” tall tent. :+1:

I have similar lighting on seedlings right now. Seedlings don’t need very much light. They are doing great. The light is 2 ft high and the seedlings are 2 ft off the center-line of the light.

If I were using a QB135, I would turn it all the way down and put it ~24" from my girls. Maybe even a little higher.



Looking at your tent, do you exhaust your tent from the bottom?

Random I know, but it’s fun to see everyone’s tent set up

I’m pushing air in from the bottom.

I would push air in from the top into the tent. Especially since most people have carpet in their place. I understand heat rises but at the same time, your place isn’t germ free.

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There’s an S6 driving it. It is mounted on the wall.

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Makes sense. I wasn’t sure since I saw the long duct work.