QB waterproof DC connector

this is a @dbrn32 question but anyone who’s put one of these together could help. the HLG video is great up until they say it’s time to connect the power cord to the driver, and hey, there’s a waterproof connector supplied, but we’re not going to use that…

can someone please tell me how to hook this thing up? so close to being done… thanks!

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If the wall side of the plug is your standard black, white, green:

Black-brown (driver side, acl)
White-blue (driver side, acn)
Green-green/yellow (driver side ground)


looks to me like at least one of the connection points in this connector has to be for a specific color and i don’t know which

It doesn’t matter as long as the correct wire is connected on the other side

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found a tiny model number on the side of the connector


ok. so the copper colored one doesn’t’ matter?

Wait a minute, my bad, you said DC. That plug looks like a T. You have one driver and two boards?

oh weird. sorry it’s not a T. that’s what came up in the search i was just looking at the ends. it’s a double sided barrel for one driver. i think i got it unless it’s not a black or white situation. light is on. i put the ground in the copper sleeve.

arighty, thanks much. think i’m set. hopefully hooked it all up right.


this is more like it. future breadcrumbs in case anyone else is a total noob.

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Normally on electrical connections the bronze/gold screw is meant to be your hot wire. The silver is neutral, and the green is ground.

On this particular connector the only thing that really matters is that proper wire corresponds to wire on other side of the connector. There’s no ground or neutral reference on the connector, so as long as wires line up properly it will work. And despite colors, if you look close each side should have a number or letter to make sure you get wires terminated correctly.

I did notice your individual wires look a little long. If you trim them back a little the screw on nuts will clamp down on outer insulation. That’s what makes it waterproof, and will help wires from getting pulled out.


Thanks for taking a look over it, really appreciate it. Missed the letters or numbers… you get to “that” age and seeing small imprint on black is rough. Hung the light up to get it out of the way for now, will trim the wires back when i get the tent ready for final set up.

This thing is bright as @#$. It’s 320 watts, and I have a 300 hung in another tent and this is flat out painful compared to my other light. CAN’T WAIT. babies currently cracking.


I got a little concerned that the red wire is connected to the negative dc output and black connected to the positive dc output since red is usually deemed positive and black negative in dc applications. But it’s wired correctly on the board as I see the red going to the negative, so you’re good


Make sure you get a quality junction, a lot of parallel imports are rubbish, so make sure you buy wisely :+1:

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thanks for lookin out. it came with the kit… so assuming it’s decent.

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Just about to say gold screw line silver neutral green ground(gold to black silver to white green to ground usually green)

Gold is usually hot, sliver is usually common

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