QB V2 120/132s 3000K


Ive just recently fitted a set to my tent and was wondering who else has em and what can you tell me about using them? Maybe comparison notes might help us both out. Cheers all.


You can include qb 120’s. They are basically same thing with a different operating voltage.

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consider it done.

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keeps telling me im not permitted to view requested resource when i try to change title. stuffed if i know??

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How’s that?

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dunno. just tried to edit the title. thankyou for doing it

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I’m waiting on my controller then will start building. I’m wondering about spacing w/ qb 120s. It’s a 2’x4’ tent.

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mines the same. i have the four qbs in a row and maybe 15 to 20mm apart i guess,

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I am running 4 of the 120s in 3000k. First grow so as far as growth goes, plants are doing awesome. The heat they put out is nothing!! The driver(hlg 240h c2100a) im running does get pretty toasty. Not to where you cant hold it, but enough to make a small tent hot. I have mine outside of the tent. Overall…I think for 220.00ish to build it…THATS A STEAL FOR THIS LIGHT!!!
Week 11 from seed wwa


If you have 4 of those boards, I leave 2 over and 2 aiming down on the sides at an angle. You know like the sun around 7ish? Then if you can, rotate plants 1/4 turn every 3 hours. Or every 6 hours.


Or 2 rows of 3 of them and have 3 per driver. That would make a solid wall to wall light in a 3x3


looks good. i didnt mention i got 4 132s in. 11 weeks from seed , sweet. my temps are down from 30 odd degrees celsious to mid 20s. my driver is hlg -240h-c1750a.its able to be touched ok. pretty warm but. mine cost me just under $400 here in oz. im bloody stoked. saw growth rate increase straight away.

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sounds effective but wouldnt commit to it dunno if i could keep that up.hahaha

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what sort of distances do you keep your lights at what stages? and how strong are your lights im running the qb v2 132s now. as of few days ago is all


how did you handle the light with your seedlings? dist/intensity?


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how high is that? you start em there or are you showing me your set up? what are the lights you have there?


With the seedlings I was recommended by dbrn to run the light turned down to its lowest setting and run it about 24 inches above the canopy


do you have the 132s?


120s I would still stay in the 24 to 30 inch range dimmed all the way down

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