QB Newbie Learn As We Grow


We had a long discussion about this here somewhere, @SilentHippie journal maybe? Anyway, based on the feedback and info posted I would avoid trying to shock your roots.


Wonderful grow! I love the idea of putting the pots on wheels.


Looks like these guys got you covered. :wink:


Keeping the plants mobile, I find it useful to be able to monitor my girls on all sides. I can move them around under the lights. Easier to clean up spills and keep my space clean too.


Well I’m using a 3 qb288 boards and they are at 20” above but turned down to like 25% of the power range it can be and have been there since they’ve been potted


Your grow area looks like an ikea catalog pic!


Thanks Matt, you are DA MAN.


Are the push pins for LST? I need to learn more about that. I was pretty much slacking with the last batch of clones. Amazed that I have two that will make it to harvest.


Yes that’s what I use for LST @Ozzimotosan1


That’s about the same for me. That distance and intensity worked best for me but I didn’t have my girls under the QB’s until they were teens.


I guess my ocd is showing :shushing_face: My son told me it looked like a science experiment :joy:


Yup. I’m skipping it. Couple good flushes this week, 48 hours in the dark, little swish in a bucket of spring water, and some H2O2 to get the Neem oil, and other stuff off them. Hang as usual (branches, small enough to fit in the bucket). Hoping for maybe four jars full of just buds, and a little bit of sugar leaves. .



These are the only lights I have well I do have a couple cfl fixtures and meizhi’s but I don’t feel like removing my QB’s and risk damaging them. So I’m getting my moneys worth out of them and learning how to veg with these and so far I like the results I just dim my drivers but my NL AUTO has been under a QB since day one at 20” above them and have showed no signs of not liking them she’ll be 21 days above ground on the 18th


@MamaMia I might suggest thinning out the plants a bit more before flipping to 12/12 to combat the larfy loose bud production. This guy really manicures his plants in veg before training them into the scrog. Just my .02 . Your doing everything amazingly great. Your room does look like a lab…


Definitely! I didn’t have my QB’s when I started so I had to use what I had. My next grow will be all QB!


I’m still trying to get the scrog thing dialed in. My last few grows I had many issues with herms. I’m afraid to stress my plants too much, I’m a bit gun shy wanting to get a good grow under my belt. And adding the QB’s into the mix, I have had so much more growth compared to the leds I was using. These girls got away from me! And so far I’ve not seen any sacs or nanners! The use of the QB’s showed me where my light leaks were… and I believe I’ve found and corrected them. This is a huge relief. I’ve been driving myself crazy for the last year with herms.

I’ll check out the video, thanks for sharing. I did lollipop the girls before scrogging but haven’t done anything but tucking since then. I think I need to do a little light pruning to open up my canopy a bit and remove some older leaves underneath. All lessons learned preparing for my next grow.

It must be the diamond mylar LOL the room really is quite simple. White walls and lights just like everyone else :wink:


Dont be skerd. These gals are like Timex. They take a lickin an keep on tickin.


Yesterday marked the 3rd week since flip. The girls are looking happy and healthy, building their beautiful flowers. Trichs are starting to show up. I finished attaching the upper level screens, and the girls are definitely becoming sticky. Next time I will add the upper screens and let the girls grow into them. I don’t like touching them at this point.

They are taking the full dose NFTG mid-flower feeding schedule well. Looking slightly yellow so I added another tsp of Medusa’s Magic. Seems to be helping. Another week or so and I’ll move to the late-flower schedule. They are taking 1 1/2 gallons each now.

I ordered another larger fan for the room. The little fans don’t seem to be circulating enough air. So much foliage I’m concerned about mold. Again, I blame the extra foliage on the QB’s… but that’s a good thing! I’ll be working on a little defoliation to open up the canopy to allow for more light and circulation. And clean up some of the older leaves underneath.

I’m also replacing the 300w Viparspectra’s I have in my germination/early veg tent. I want to start all my girls on the QB’s and get them ready and hardened to accept the larger QB’s in my big room. This is for you @dbrn32… my tent is 2x4x72, I’ll only be using the tent to germinate and early veg so the plants won’t be allowed to completely fill the tent. I grow 4-6 plants. I am thinking the HLG 135 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit V2 would be sufficient. And maybe get the 4000k since I won’t be using it to flower. Is this a good choice? Thanks!

And now the pics…

Cookies Kush

Pineapple Chunk

Granddaddy Purple - she’s not yellow, it’s the lights



Due to the long narrow footprint of space, I would probably consider going with two hlg-65 or hlg-100.

One board probably has the light to do what you want, it just won’t cover the space alone well. Two hlg-65 about same price.


The versatility of separate fixtures is nice. I have 3 separate 135’s and love it.